Super Secret Creative Tips! :: Ylands 

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Today we are playing Ylands!
Competition Information: bit.ly/33yksj1
Get Ylands: bit.ly/3lrDeP6
Instagram: @BdoubleOinsta
Twitter: bdoubleo100
Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/bdoubleo
Patreon: www.patreon.com/BdoubleO100
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Dec 6, 2020




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this is not the channel you're looking for
Its like minecraft and microsoft paint had a baby
Eumanuel 3 months ago
Bdubs someone builded a secret base in your base
Geometry Craft
Geometry Craft 3 months ago
Ylands is seriously the worst sandbox game I have really ever seen. I hate that game. 👎
Roksana Ruhe
Roksana Ruhe 3 months ago
fudgiemuffin 3 months ago
How many sticks is that wolf
Eric M.
Eric M. 4 months ago
I really hope this wasn't your last Ylands video! This game deserves much more love than it's getting...
big chungies
big chungies 4 months ago
I wonder if he ever got that can of pepsi from the building a case video
Tanesha Salmon
Tanesha Salmon 4 months ago
Where is Pungence
AIR_SUPPORT 4 months ago
You know im gona do it.... You cant stop me These minecraft shaders are getting pretty intense.
Trenton Watson
Trenton Watson 4 months ago
I thought this was Minecraft for a Second because it was in my Inbox so I clicked on it and I’m like The Graphics became different.
Spirit Chaser
Spirit Chaser 4 months ago
Your vid was shared on Ylands World of Dreams discord. I'm impressed as to what you learned in a few hours. Took me months to learn some of that stuff LOL. You should check out the discord channel. There's plenty of awesome creators there that share ideas and tips, as well as sharing full compositions and blueprints you can use in the game. Most of the games in the current competition are created by people in Ylands world of dreams discord if that gives you an idea of what type of creators I am talking about. Top Notch! Come and see! Great vid! I put a link to one of my creations in the replies. It also gives the link to the World of Dreams discord in the description if you are interested.
David foreverlife
David foreverlife 4 months ago
Cube world?
Daniel Orman
Daniel Orman 4 months ago
That's a 3 maybe 2 stick horsey right there
Mastre Ceef
Mastre Ceef 4 months ago
Hey bdubs I'm a professional level designer for video games, and a lot of what you're teaching here is techniques we use in the industry. Have you ever thought about making games for a living?
koooo34 4 months ago
Everyone lining up to sponsor Bubbles these days =O
drsch 4 months ago
Sonin 4 months ago
Sims and Minecraft had a baby
Jacksel 4 months ago
Wait a second... Since when did he play Ylands?
Turabbo 4 months ago
This is a really cool visual style
Amy Reaves
Amy Reaves 4 months ago
When will we see more Fam vids?♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Stone Carney
Stone Carney 4 months ago
who else remembers Beyonc¿
Thomas Thomad
Thomas Thomad 4 months ago
What I love about building in minecraft is that there is a very limited amount of block types. This forces you to be creative with what you have. Personally I think this game gives you too many options and is just overwhelming and not so enjoyable. Each to their own though.
Emily Miller
Emily Miller 4 months ago
I would love to see more of your builds!!
Micah Todd
Micah Todd 4 months ago
I would love to see more ylands videos
Senshiro 4 months ago
You should try Boundless game . Another great video 👍
janae morris
janae morris 4 months ago
I'm double saying everything -Bdubs
Nasi Lilly
Nasi Lilly 4 months ago
I miss cube world
Mr. PenginMC
Mr. PenginMC 4 months ago
I love how Bdubs says blocks like he is in Minecraft. :) I know this should go under a Minecraft video, but I love Bdub's style and how he makes use of all the blocks in Minecraft. Keep up the great videos and castles!
Aaron Mueller
Aaron Mueller 4 months ago
I really hope he enters the competition (anonymously if he wants) and then after it’s over releases a video with possibly footage of him making and talking about it and then a tour and summary of how it did. I didn’t even know what this thing was before I started watching but now I’m seriously invested in what BDubs might do with it.
Vivien Moonstone
Vivien Moonstone 5 months ago
Bdubs fans when he mentions his kids: SO WHOLESOME
Livurochy 5 months ago
23:12 - random, but for some reason the warm brown color of the castle makes me think of that one scene in Charlie in the chocolate factory when the guy makes his palace out of chocolate and then it melts on him. Also this game reminds me of a lego game I use to play with my brother.
Dahje 5 months ago
These creative tips are amazing! I’m going to use these when working on Dungeons and Dragons campaign content. Thanks so much Bdubs!
Lukasaurusrex 5 months ago
4 stick wolf
ToothpikcOriginal 5 months ago
I feel like Bdubs was the horse girl in high school
Jake Hatch
Jake Hatch 5 months ago
do the competition! i would love to see more of this
Kaurice Bell
Kaurice Bell 5 months ago
More please
Wildshirts 5 months ago
Bdubs, you should try Parkitect
Ethan Bondick
Ethan Bondick 5 months ago
The dispensable weight alarmingly drain because exchange peripherally miss times a woozy pants. sick, general gentle ash
Heidi LeWren
Heidi LeWren 5 months ago
Listening to you build is very relaxing. ASMR with Bdubs! Hee hee! I know it's been a while since you have done any Building episodes. The castle you made reminds me of a house from the first Highlander movie. Feel free to release other Ylands videos if you have the inspiration. Thanks and have a great week!
Ethan Maller
Ethan Maller 5 months ago
the evolution from hi guys its john and building that home depot has been incredible to watch, love it per usual mr. dubs
Khorvo 5 months ago
What do you know,. Bdubs built a castle!
Isaac Baker
Isaac Baker 5 months ago
Don't worry Bdubs I call it "Y"lands too. I know it's said like islands but I was too far into the habit after learning that. Also though YoU PlAy tHiS gAmE???? I love you even more now man!
SteelHunter9 5 months ago
The mark of a true builder, nothing is ever half made
noah Willott
noah Willott 5 months ago
What happened to bdoublefam
Rain 5 months ago
I'm sad that this is only an ad.
Ak 5 months ago
What happened to the Binding of Isaac?
King Cozza
King Cozza 5 months ago
Your microblock work on the dust 2 map on attack of the b team... talk about invested
BatBeard 5 months ago
yung jose
yung jose 5 months ago
If bdubs was my art teacher I'm pretty sure I'm never leaving class
Noah Thomas
Noah Thomas 5 months ago
Getting some major cube world vibes here!
Ryno Bones
Ryno Bones 5 months ago
You’ve got me intrigued. Effective advertising, I guess. Haha
degox9 5 months ago
i like the way you teach how to make beatiful buildings and i would love to see more like this
grondhero 5 months ago
Not for me, but I'm commenting for the algorithm.
Nikki Braun
Nikki Braun 5 months ago
I accidentally hit report instead of save to watch later and I'm so sorry. You are my fav and I love ur work so much. So US-first PPL leave him alone. My "report" tap was an accident.
C W 5 months ago
I want to see you play more of this
David Yodo
David Yodo 5 months ago
Even it's an ad, i will still watching just to hear bdubs voice
The Black Banana 1
The Black Banana 1 5 months ago
This isn't free, is it... as it's sponsored.
MilkyTea17 5 months ago
i know its not minecraft but your tips can be transferable. Thank you so much!
Christopher Haddad
Christopher Haddad 5 months ago
What kind of Texture Pack is this?
InkKnight 5 months ago
Thank you for the tips! 😁 I don't play this game, but I'll look for ways to use the concepts in Minecraft, and maybe in drawings as well!
Casual User
Casual User 5 months ago
Bdubs trying to teach us while at the same time he was learning how to do it, lol. Should have been a build along, not a tips video
Foxcry 5 months ago
This episode is the best birthday present :^)
Limpshot McGee
Limpshot McGee 5 months ago
So it's sort of like Mario Maker?
ItsKonGaming 5 months ago
Must be a 6 stick horse
ArchNiki 5 months ago
Can you also try townscaper. It's extremely easy but maybe you can do something more than we can imagine
Lord Redwood
Lord Redwood 5 months ago
Just want to say Bdubs you are a therapy every once in awhile I binge a bunch of your videos. Helps spark creativity!
Nicolas Richard
Nicolas Richard 5 months ago
I used to work on a mini-game in Ylands as a builder. It was called Guton Forest Supplies. But it didn't work out sadly. Not enough people playing :/ Maybe it rings a bell for some Ylanders here ;)
Cody Merkle
Cody Merkle 5 months ago
this isnt minecraft
Andrew Coddington
Andrew Coddington 5 months ago
bdubs is so wholesome he makes me so happy and calm :)
Cynthia Schwab
Cynthia Schwab 5 months ago
So cool love to the ladies of the house!!
Julie Brown
Julie Brown 5 months ago
Say hi to all the family we miss them!
emerick lamont
emerick lamont 5 months ago
This game is amazing
¤Morgan Kane¤
¤Morgan Kane¤ 5 months ago
So when do we se a coop whit Keralis in Ylands.. lol
Denial T
Denial T 5 months ago
Not going to watch the video as I don't game on pc but I'll drop you a like and a comment anyway 😘
RavenEyeMoon 5 months ago
This game is so cool! Thank you for introducing it to me :D
Airoon 5 months ago
rules for randomness ironic
ZackTheMuffinMan 5 months ago
Viktor Vermeule
Viktor Vermeule 5 months ago
Yess finally :D
HADES SALAZAR 5 months ago
What is this?
Pop Fizzy
Pop Fizzy 5 months ago
Wait, this isn’t Minecraft...!
SaturninePlaces 5 months ago
Bdubs! glad to see you found a creative game to start playing on the side! The way you alter the saturation as well as the brightness is pretty common in art, another dimension you could move it in is to drag the hue to the cooler colors a smidge for darker tones, and towards the warmer/yellow hues for lighter tones. Really makes the middle color pop, and accentuates the overall color difference too.
ItsKonGaming 5 months ago
Bdubs: "hey guys great competition for you, i hope you win!" Also Bdubs: "i think im gonna enter and steal first place MWAHAHAHAHA!!" lol. Really though you should enter, youd do great
RavenVLemon 5 months ago
"I tap you, *tap* *tap* *tap* "
Donz Steele
Donz Steele 5 months ago
I was interested in this game until they went f2p and shafted everyone who played for it Edit: nothing against bdubs though, I will watch any content he makes
Sera 5 months ago
This is some toxic mentality, assuming you're complaining simply that they made it ftp after you'd payed for it, and not about microtransactions or what-have-you. Making it f2p literally does not take anything away from you, only gives to new players. I'm not sure what this line of thinking would be termed but it's the same as you see people saying "we shouldn't improve society because I had to suffer through it and so should you". You aren't retroactively harmed by others being provided a boon you didn't recieve
Eric Hargrove
Eric Hargrove 5 months ago
Who wants to see Bdubs play Grounded? He could build some really cool things in it I believe
EK89 5 months ago
such a boring game
Bug Zaney
Bug Zaney 5 months ago
You’re the best Bdubs!!!
C_ SAH_23
C_ SAH_23 5 months ago
I'm starting to think he was an art major or something like that in college
delco2035 4 months ago
ye, but you dont need that. Look at Scar, Grian, even Etho and others, noone has art or archi majors. BDubs is also a very good car seller and the car is BDubs content lol... gift of gab they call it. I'm sure in reality he is constantly learning, and so do all the others. And by learning i mean active research. The last episodes of his LP with the Tuscan houses didn't come out of nowhere :) Likewise Scar is looking into 30's and 60's designs those days... etc
Aaron Mueller
Aaron Mueller 4 months ago
His dad was a professional contractor, and I think he worked with and under his dad for a while before really getting into US-first. So he has an excellent knowledge of colors, structures, and how to make things look good from all angles. Perfect skills for building in Minecraft.
JillianJaclyn 5 months ago
I think I saw someone say he was an architect or contractor or something before he switched to gaming full time.
Elite 955
Elite 955 5 months ago
Either an art or architecture major
Don Lasagno te la Mangia
@The Black Banana 1 are what did at who?
raven crystal
raven crystal 5 months ago
Its hard to find builders like you dubs like the building potential of various diff games recently like nms, space engineers, unturned is free to play and you can build on vehicles in it too
san 5 months ago
Wasn’t too interested in this game at first but dang it I learned so much about design!! Thank you Bdubs, you’re a genius.
Joel Ambay
Joel Ambay 5 months ago
I realy wanted to see him in hermithcraft
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever 5 months ago
Bdubs is the HorseFather
Allan Maino Vieytes
Allan Maino Vieytes 5 months ago
I wouldnt mind a couple of videos on this game, only if bdubs really does enjoy it, if he forces it on himself then idk if the videos would turn out very great. either way i like that your doing sponsored content. big thumbs up bdubs.
Vincent Bourbeau
Vincent Bourbeau 5 months ago
The control kinda look like my 3D modling software...
Henplays 4324
Henplays 4324 5 months ago
You should try LEGO worlds :D It’s like this but LEGO but there’s no maps... but you can still build and explore
Henplays 4324
Henplays 4324 5 months ago
I have not played ylands for so long...
Malaka Desroches
Malaka Desroches 5 months ago
My brain: that's a weird looking Minecraft mod. Lol!!! I was so confused...I am just 2 weeks 1 day out from brain surgery #8, so that shall be my excuse. XD
Malaka Desroches
Malaka Desroches 5 months ago
@Eric Hargrove thanks so very much. That was thoughtful ❤️
Eric Hargrove
Eric Hargrove 5 months ago
Keep up the fight!! 💖
Nesta 5 months ago
I used to love watching Keralis play this game! Would absolutely watch a series if you start one!
Error Operator
Error Operator 5 months ago
Agreed. The series Keralis did was great. Would love to watch some more of these creative builders go crazy in this game.
SilverXT 5 months ago
Where's the stick machine to measure their speed?
QuillioN 5 months ago
Oh my, you're so bad at building castles ;p