SOS Africa Charity Stream with Grian, Scar & Ren 

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Donate to SOS Africa: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/hermitcraftlivestreamfundraisersosafrica
For more information visit www.sosafrica.com/


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May 1, 2021




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زاك - Zak
زاك - Zak 2 hours ago
We need an SOS Columbia! There are terrible terrible things going on there right right now! :((((((((((((((((((
Annie Battleheart
Annie Battleheart 8 hours ago
I love this and congrats on raising the money
t3ddyM9 c
t3ddyM9 c 12 hours ago
Hey G! Sorry I couldn't watch the stream live I was out with my cousins for the first time in like a year.
t3ddyM9 c
t3ddyM9 c 12 hours ago
Ren is so inspirational
Sassy Muffin Gaming
Sassy Muffin Gaming 15 hours ago
I have literally had an electric kettle for YEARS lol. Do only Americans in the Northwest know about these?? 😂
zhaofeng tian
zhaofeng tian 15 hours ago
jared parker
jared parker 22 hours ago
Thanks man, you really helped alot of people.
Bruhhify 23 hours ago
When the africa is sos 🤨
sparx0s Day ago
Fun fact: 15x more people die every year from coconuts than from sharks
sparx0s Day ago
1:00:55 yas
Sabin Day ago
Hey Bdubs I love you!
J Day ago
hermits helping hermits?
Rasputin Day ago
One of the most entertaining streams I've ever watched. One of the best causes I've seen and most money raised. Y'all are incredible. Definitely worth the 4 hour watch.
Aidan Lanz
Aidan Lanz Day ago
3:41:31 Grian dies yelling "I HATE YOU!" 3:50:16 Scar dies to a panda 4:01:15 They reach the 100K mark!
Jackson Cutler
I noticed how nobody acknowledged that iskall85 donated
Geekygrl 10
Geekygrl 10 Day ago
Hahaha what a joke
Cadaver Day ago
I’ve never seen how Minecraft skins are made
Matthew Coghlan
Matthew Coghlan 2 days ago
Doing a stream to help people in Africa? Give this man an Africa Saver Badge
Wdomino Games & Media
Lol "Grian hair grwoth fund" did $21.87 which is another subtle Star Wars reference.
angel vermillion
angel vermillion 2 days ago
I wasn't able to watch the stream because of assignments but thank you so much bdubs for posting this😍 I hope I could watch the other streams too 🥺
meld 2 days ago
1:46:56 poultry man donates
Lukas Nogueira
Lukas Nogueira 2 days ago
1:09:50, 1:20:55, 2:02:40, 2:29:39, 2:44:20, 3:22:20, 3:46:20
Naoise James
Naoise James 2 days ago
Bdubs... I hope you don't boil your water in the microwave for real 🙊 Fun fact: if you water plants with microwave water they die
Leandra Scheepers
thanks for helping us here in South-Africa_ Riko2020
Sandy Mergui
Sandy Mergui 2 days ago
You saying koek sister made my day! Sounds like you like sweet stuff! Come to South Africa and I’ll give you all the treats.
KuNaL Gaikwad
KuNaL Gaikwad 2 days ago
the moon came out in day!!!!! (AKA bald grian)
Creeplyawsomeness 1
In Canada we got dollar coins called looneys
bhakti maity
bhakti maity 2 days ago
Love from south Africa ❤❤❤❤
Kristina Fontaine
Playing with Grian seems lowkey annoying...
iron claw338
iron claw338 2 days ago
May the 4th be with you all!
Michael O'Neill
Michael O'Neill 2 days ago
I know it's a minor thing but don't forget your reached a 100000 you have to do skins Swap
This Brit eats lots of spice and flavour!
Garrott Roddy
Garrott Roddy 2 days ago
2:27:22 " thought it would be a lol funny time to scare people with a explosion" -3rd life grian, and hermitcraft grian.
Wizarding World.
Wizarding World. 3 days ago
if bdubs doesnt make grians head a cods then i am going to be very desapointed
Charlie Titus
Charlie Titus 3 days ago
i wish Grian kept his stream public :(
Dartangan J
Dartangan J 3 days ago
It took starving kids in Africa and a group effort to get Grian to finish the back of his mansion.
Jbelo55 3 days ago
Seriously awesome! Can't believe you guys managed to achieved the goal, and crushed it! You guys have built arguably one of the most wholesome communities on youtube and you guys on hermit craft are all genuinely good people you guys really do deserve all the love and support you guys get, and it's nice to see that you reciprocate in your own way :)
Invicta 3 days ago
Bdubs you can survive the bed if you place a block between you and the bed
Sawyer Boeke
Sawyer Boeke 3 days ago
I love this, more of this please
Benjamin B
Benjamin B 3 days ago
It's good for a soul to see such things.
RED_ MIND 3 days ago
For someone from SUIT-AFRICA...we all appreciate you guys🤗
Feature Dude
Feature Dude 3 days ago
Hats off to all these hermits and the people who donated. They bring us content and also support the community with their hard work. I could not attend the stream but surely appreciate it.
Rafta Music
Rafta Music 3 days ago
my favourite cheese is the Camembert cheese!
Davis Herrick
Davis Herrick 3 days ago
This is amazing thank you for this amazing quality content.
big brain
big brain 3 days ago
SOS more like sus
pokemon Maya
pokemon Maya 3 days ago
Who else is South African and is so happy a South African is in HermitCraft? 👇🏻
K. Rose
K. Rose 3 days ago
I love you all at Hermitcraft 💙
Dave H.
Dave H. 3 days ago
10:43 "Where they can sleep in peace." Just like Bdubs.
donAntshel 3 days ago
2:29:34 | 3:26:28
lovolen rayvon naidoo
As a South African I know for a fact that this money will dissappear(corruption)...but we appreciate the help most people will turn a blind eye thanks for the support
Fallenspartan73 3 days ago
You just learned about the plug in things? I’ve had one for like, 5 years, Scar is literally a less Star Wars fanboy version of me... and yes, I said LESS
Real Grassy
Real Grassy 3 days ago
acejrd 3 days ago
As soon as Bdubs said he’s blow up again and groan said” you would” I knew he was going to scare them with a bed lol
Wolverine 3 days ago
i love how the focus shifted from SOS Africa once Bald Grian gained traction
Lemon Gummy
Lemon Gummy 3 days ago
Bdubs singing a song * Me : Is that jojo part 2 opening? xD
Daniel 3 days ago
No oxford comma, damn it bdubs!
don't check my channel
where's grian livestream
SoullessCast 3 days ago
Every time I start to lose faith in humanity, I just have to remember that Bdubs exists. Faith restored.
Tetsujin 3 days ago
39:14 - "B-R-A-A-I. Brrai!" Now I'm back got somethin' I wanna say
Rafta Music
Rafta Music 2 days ago
what's the letter that starts the alphabet? A!
SoullessCast 3 days ago
Bdubs is such an amazingly wholesome person that it's hard to believe sometimes. Spent all this time putting in the energy and good vibes for a good cause despite being sick.
Kaitlyn S
Kaitlyn S 3 days ago
Hate to break it to you but we don't put prawns on the barbecue in Australia!
Quin Hansen
Quin Hansen 3 days ago
Way to go to all the hermits who participated in this and all those who donated. I'm so glad I get to watch this now and sad I missed the live stream for this. And also glad to see the back of the mansion finally getting done!
Charelz J
Charelz J 3 days ago
The bad batch was inspired by clones you meet in the Republic Commando novel series. They're a great read
The Club Plays
The Club Plays 3 days ago
It looks so much better
Genesis 3 days ago
Tess Napinas
Tess Napinas 3 days ago
who is this grain character!?
Tacos 3 days ago
Proud of everyone! Also, not sure if you went back and got your shulkers, but go get them!!
Kylie Shellenbarger
Wasnt able to join to actual stream for long. But I love everything you boys have done not only for all of your fans but also so many kids and adults who need the help💚 keep up the great work and hopefully this stream can keep constant donations through the year.
Diamond Warrior
Diamond Warrior 3 days ago
why does grian always private his livestreams lmao
Damian Ford
Damian Ford 3 days ago
scar kinda looks like zemo 🤔
Sergio Shade
Sergio Shade 3 days ago
U were my brother grian!!!
Genesis 3 days ago
Am I trippen or I can’t find grains stream
Big Ouff
Big Ouff 3 days ago
Glad to have been apart of the #baldgrian movement that day lol
Eli Buller
Eli Buller 3 days ago
I would love to talk to scar about Star wars
Juliana Curtis
Juliana Curtis 3 days ago
I actually watched the stream when it was live and I just wanna say GREAT STREAM
Vlad 3 days ago
@BdoubleO100 I don't know if you still read this but remember to turn your block volume back to 66% before you record your next episode.
Carolina Sanchez
Carolina Sanchez 3 days ago
The next time they said money for sos Africa they should invite Trevor Noah and teach him to play Minecraft
Minecraft with amybluesky & friends
Wow guys!! Such an achievement for a worthy cause! 👊❤️✌️😂
Kylie Shellenbarger
Coby Jack is also my favorite!!
JACKO WACKO99 3 days ago
Hey bdubs I want to thank you for everything that you have done.last year when the pandemic started I was sad and watching your videos made me happy I think it is great that you are donating to charity and I hope you continue to do what you do Keep up the great work!!!
coolguy10060 3 days ago
Am i the only one feeling that bdubs his evil laugh sounds fiendish
Aidan yong
Aidan yong 3 days ago
i cried when i missed this
Moises Lopez
Moises Lopez 3 days ago
No need to go that far, Latín América its poor as hell.
Curious _Pizza
Curious _Pizza 3 days ago
I really really liked this stream. I watched this today while I was sick and this was just so great to watch :) you guys did amazing and I’m so proud of everyone involved! Also Bdubs your streams are great don’t worry about it you’re doing well
Megan 4 days ago
2:49:00 van Niekerk - pronounced something like 'fun knee-kerk'
Ryzone 4 days ago
Why would this video get any dislikes?
Karrikua 4 days ago
Are you guys gonna publish a video showing what has been built in South Africa when the time comes? If you do that, I think even more people will donate.
Pixelated Bros’
No problem for winter in Durban
Josh Boucher
Josh Boucher 4 days ago
Does anyone else take a deep breath whenever Grian gongs?
Rafael Santo
Rafael Santo 4 days ago
What’s the point of this
Olly Tomlinson Music
Listening to Ren talk about SOS Africa brought tears to my eyes
rojo90 4 days ago
So proud of people contributing to this
Virtuositas Project
“I’m firing up photoshop” 🤣
A Omar
A Omar 4 days ago
Eunice Basilio
Eunice Basilio 4 days ago
I wanna donate but my money isn't enough for the minimum amount required to donate :(( Also, I've never been more proud to be fans of Bdubs, Grian, Ren, and Scar after this stream :))
Logan Wilton
Logan Wilton 4 days ago
You have to be a proper dick to dislike this video. All my love to y'all!
Chase Matters
Chase Matters 4 days ago
Frederic Thalheimer
What an amazing project: thumbs up!
Stephen Bezuidenhout
As a fellow South African I just wanted to thank you guys so so much! We really appreciate what you guys do. Love you guys so much!!
Life with Laura
Life with Laura 4 days ago
yyyhhhh you guys did it.
owen pope
owen pope 4 days ago
As someone going to college for marine biology, all the talk of sharks in the area is making it seem like a very interesting place to study abroad