My Favorite Build and Then Some :: Hermitcraft #36 

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Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 36! Today we build an awesome house for our horse area. Later Scar and I give an open house tour of the concrete shop to Keralis and Xisuma!
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Twitter: bdoubleo100
Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/bdoubleo
Patreon: www.patreon.com/BdoubleO100
Hermitcraft Website: hermitcraft.com/
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Nov 17, 2020




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Chase O'Hara
Chase O'Hara 16 days ago
Bdubs: "FIVE DIAMONDS!" Keralis: "Only two stacks, huh?"
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith 25 days ago
i genuinely don't have the words. I just love this episode, I love Bdubs, I love it all.
Nyah Senai
Nyah Senai Month ago
The menacing tone of the "GIVE ME THAT FLOWER!" part would make no sense to a casual observer; but dang, that flower was dangerous!
Satraël R. R. Deihouw Marentares
i’m rewatching all his episodes and making notes of his builds. Gotta tell ya, i have to watch every single one of his episodes. My notebook is not that big Bdoubs, it is almost completely full.
Apollo Arts
Apollo Arts Month ago
If anyone stumbles across bdubs's horses, and havent seen his videos, they would be so confused by the stick and snow talk
Ian Fay
Ian Fay Month ago
Love your videos
Ashley Zander
Ashley Zander Month ago
Aww that is so cute that his daughters were slipping things under the door.
Stolas Amon-Seere
Yo, b-dubs, how'd the whole thing go? I've been curious since the last correspondence.
R0S6P96 2 months ago
"daddy, here’s another one" My heart is now liquid
R0S6P96 2 months ago
I love how mumbo resigned but he wasn't even actually part of the resistance
EmmSoiree 2 months ago
punching the air rn cus his daughter coming in was too cute
FireBlaster 08
FireBlaster 08 2 months ago
Bdubs has the best calming intro and timelapse music
Vincent Charpentier
Vincent Charpentier 2 months ago
are we gonna pretend stick and snow are real units at this point ? 🤣
KhillikiaLea W
KhillikiaLea W 2 months ago
Your very best horsey deserves Dimond armour. So very sweet loved your sweet daughters voice. “🤣Bad Keralis “🤣
Mossydrop 3 months ago
you should call the grey horse misty
MelodyGoPlay 3 months ago
Grian spamming EVACUATE!!! in the chat was really weird for me. Seriously, I've never heard him say "Flex" or spam in the chat until season 7. idk if it's just me tho.
Layla Ezer
Layla Ezer 3 months ago
@10:48 when u hear his daughter for a sec is so cuteeee!!!! :)
Eumanuel 3 months ago
Bdubs someone builded a secret base in your base
Duygu Karacanoglu
Duygu Karacanoglu 3 months ago
Episode 7: "My explosive new shop" Episode 43: "My explosive new shop!"
Brandon Ensink
Brandon Ensink 3 months ago
If you hate puns than should play undertale
ShootBigBucks Gaming
Wiki says horses can go 14.23 blocks/second, and jump 5 blocks
Lorelai Allison
Lorelai Allison 4 months ago
Guys, Keralis and Xisuma *bee* bros. Get it?
Michelle Pigg
Michelle Pigg 4 months ago
YEM2112 4 months ago
Other Hermits: has red stone testing world. Bdubs: has horse speed and jumping testing world.
Jakson Keeler
Jakson Keeler 4 months ago
As the house is inspired by Harry Potter Why not call the horse Harry Trotter?
Rishi Nixon
Rishi Nixon 4 months ago
Xisuma's lightning fast enderpearl totem switch tho
Geekygrl 10
Geekygrl 10 5 months ago
"I fly now." Grian joined the game. 27:59
CrudeSplash 55
CrudeSplash 55 5 months ago
I l like how he kept his daughter in the vid
Pheonix Quill
Pheonix Quill 5 months ago
The 4 stick 3.5 snow horse should be named Thundercloud!
drf wer
drf wer 5 months ago
bdubs, scar, mumbo, and grian have to be my favorite hermits! (also doc)
Hunded XD
Hunded XD 5 months ago
Have you seen the videos that Pixelriffs has made? He makes tons of videos recapping hermitcraft every week. I think that he would be a great addition to hermitcraft. Watching hi let’s plays, I have seen that he is an enthusiastic player and he makes great videos. He also makes very good builds in his videos that would look great in a hermitcraft space. Maybe you can check him out and see if he should be invited.
Korekiyo Shinguji
Korekiyo Shinguji 5 months ago
"I'm taking the chairs!" I love that
איתמר עזר
איתמר עזר 5 months ago
I don't think Bdubs has a single hater. You just can't hate this wholesome guy. bdubs if you want me to ill be your first ver hater.
Live to Survive
Live to Survive 5 months ago
How bout "Snowball" for the horse? Live to Survive!
Trav Pots
Trav Pots 5 months ago
Good job
Yvonne Lecobo-an
Yvonne Lecobo-an 5 months ago
How do u make the item frame invisible?????????????? ¿I just realized that upside down ! is kinda like an I xD i¡ woah
Yvonne Lecobo-an
Yvonne Lecobo-an 5 months ago
Oh I didn't watch it intierly is intierly a word?
Zachary Matthews
Zachary Matthews 5 months ago
SkeyeHunter 5 months ago
I love love looovee your build style and your ideas. It inspires me so so much to continue to build with new shapes and new blocks. Thank you for showing us your amazing imagination!
BuletPrufe 5 months ago
10:50 Dude Bdubs thank you for leaving that in. I know so many other US-firstrs who would cut that out. Like it makes me appreciate you so much more because you left it in
Chloe Plester
Chloe Plester 5 months ago
You are so amazing at building! you're my favourite hemit!
iHaveQuestions 5 months ago
Way late to the party, but that horse is Forest. As in "Run Forest". And "four-ist". And for a natural setting.
Taylor제시 5 months ago
I need more Bdubz merch. My boomers hoodie is my favourite piece of clothing, I love it. I need more!!
Nasty Sponge
Nasty Sponge 5 months ago
Bdub’s energy just makes me so happy :)
Laura Bacinskiene
Laura Bacinskiene 5 months ago
Make tutorial
Littlelil 112
Littlelil 112 5 months ago
Patch because the house has patches!
Sofia Dragon
Sofia Dragon 5 months ago
Daddy I made another one! So wholesome, so cute.
Brien Brooks
Brien Brooks 5 months ago
I like that I thought of the Weasleys house before he even mentioned it. Shows how great of a builder he is.
Wolf Guy
Wolf Guy 5 months ago
After the last episode i also did some horse science The fastest was : 4 stick 5.5 snow The slowest was : 8 stick 1.5 snow
Joshua Borre
Joshua Borre 5 months ago
Mortal Kombat Project Robo SMOKE Play Through on Classic Tower (LONG)! Special Endings - US-first
HoneyGirl 5 months ago
Can we call the horse foursey for 4 stick horsey
Ray Lau
Ray Lau 5 months ago
I like myc more but u are still my second favourite ytr
vito 5 months ago
vito 5 months ago
The long time the 2018 year no comment ik
toobie 5 months ago
love the new build!
Kasper Buyens
Kasper Buyens 5 months ago
First thing that i thought of when is saw that house was the Burrow :D
Matilda 5 months ago
Bdubs redstone was actually really good but SOMEONE messed it up by triggering the observer over and over 🙄
Sarfnic Productions
Sarfnic Productions 5 months ago
Scar isn't very good with TNT I can see...
JaxChan 5 months ago
You break it, you buy it...
The adventures of Muffin The Fox
Can we have a redstone with bdubs tutorial on how to make the horse timer
Hikaro Karrdey
Hikaro Karrdey 5 months ago
Bdubs video begins Me 2 secs into it: Ok he’s panaking about not selling the shop
Maeve Wilson
Maeve Wilson 5 months ago
Marco for the good horse
George JET
George JET 5 months ago
Hi people watching that are from s8 watching memories and see tons of who is watching in 2021
Kitten Lover
Kitten Lover 5 months ago
I got a horse that could jump 8.5 blocks and was super fast. It took a week of creative, selective breeding. I don't recommend it in PE :( It was exhausting (It was a completely vanilla, single player world, no data packs/plugins or anything)
Rylan Brosh
Rylan Brosh 5 months ago
You'll know you got the hourse your looking for when your stick is less than your snow
Eple Eple
Eple Eple 5 months ago
Will there be another Survival of the Fittest event?
lasse3543 5 months ago
Horsename: Henry
spark 5 months ago
I like the horse parts!!!
Cof 5 months ago
13:59 he is part of the resistance ( there are mushrooms
scott uriamir
scott uriamir 5 months ago
Bdubs you should call your horse Weasley
Aathi Sankar
Aathi Sankar 5 months ago
Amanda Holderman
Amanda Holderman 5 months ago
Wait a dam minute 😂 you didn't tell the viewers you had a daughter
ratyawns 5 months ago
i miss beyonc?
Orlando_ Jackieboy 117
Hey BdoubleO100 you can get horses that can jump five blocks and a half slab tall
Greasy Nails
Greasy Nails 5 months ago
Evil Destroyer
Evil Destroyer 5 months ago
You scar and grian and mumbo are the best US-firstrs in the world
Mathias Bech-Jansen
Mathias Bech-Jansen 5 months ago
Peachy Doodles
Peachy Doodles 5 months ago
omg your horsemans house is so cute! it reminds me of the burrow.
Chanpaiix 5 months ago
confidentially etho
dav2470 5 months ago
Jack Frost
King Cozza
King Cozza 5 months ago
Horse race track + betting
Sarah QB
Sarah QB 5 months ago
it's so cute how he gets excited over 5 diamonds when the rest of the hermits are swimming in the stuff...
Timix100 5 months ago
Could the fast horse be miguel As that sounds like a fast horse
Angas Patterson
Angas Patterson 5 months ago
Good work on the house, Bdubs! You’re such and amazing builder, and you should get much more appreciation.
mart stenvert
mart stenvert 5 months ago
Call the good horse americo
Am3 3D Am3 3D
Am3 3D Am3 3D 5 months ago
Can you give us a test world tour
Brenden Carr
Brenden Carr 5 months ago
So cool that you do these youtube videos, man. I enjoy them a lot and I'm sure it's weird to talk to yourself for hours while filming. How great that you decided to do it, you're basically a natural at it
Nandana Prabhu
Nandana Prabhu 5 months ago
its so cool
Diy Dungeon
Diy Dungeon 5 months ago
10:48 is the best part of this entire video
Fredrik Engström
Fredrik Engström 5 months ago
BUSINESS IDEA: You sell horses dirt cheep, but then offer the (expensive) service of building them a stable to house their new horse in!
SwordsmanCN 5 months ago
That horse house looks like the burrow. (I listened to the Goblet of Fire 4th HP book today). Me ten seconds later: waaaaaait...
Master G94
Master G94 5 months ago
I can just imagine Bdubs saying: "it's flawless and perfect!" As everything is exploding around him. Anyone else? 🤣
Mr. Hello
Mr. Hello 5 months ago
"This is fine"
Max Severson
Max Severson 5 months ago
I just relised that the gras and mycelium are like the nether gras stuff but with yellow and podzol could be black stone
Cassandra Lunger
Cassandra Lunger 5 months ago
Omg his girls talking in the background was the cutest thing!!!!
Ryvaken 5 months ago
Bdubs's bore blowing itself up is the most Boomer thing we've seen in an age.
Sicara X
Sicara X 5 months ago
Why did no one mention "you break it you buy it"
meap art
meap art 5 months ago
Bdubs is the horse girl of hermitcraft
Caolán Brady
Caolán Brady 5 months ago
Seeing as horses are the future, why not do a call back and call him Futre. Love the videos bdubs!
eekling 5 months ago
hermitcraft is the best.
Jaden Fernandes
Jaden Fernandes 5 months ago
We all should unfollow the D'amelios on every social media especially tik tok Time for a revolution Copy and paste this all over youtube For the cause to save the internet
Parker Lee
Parker Lee 5 months ago
Use sticky pistons with ancient debris to push the concrete. So that the redstone has 0% chance of blowing up.
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Life Update
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