My Explosive New Shop! :: Hermitcraft #43 

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Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 43! Today on hermitcraft, we finish the interior of our new shop in Aqua town. Later we meet up with Keralis and Joehills!
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Jan 13, 2021




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Melissa G
Melissa G Day ago
Josh Knab
Josh Knab 4 days ago
Thank you for all the positivity you bring to the world!
Bill 6 days ago
Your amazing B-Dubs! ❤️
Chrissy Bailey
Chrissy Bailey 16 days ago
I'm a bit late to the party as only just binge watching your hermitcraft playlist however I just wanted to thank you for sharing Ivy's memory with us ❤️ I'm a mumma of 4 angel babies (lost during pregnancy) and currently in the process of IVF to try and get our rainbow baby and feel it's so important to raise awareness of our losses and how it effects people's lives in both positive and negative ways. Thank you for choosing the positive route and always putting a smile on my face even in difficult times ☺️ I'm sure Ivy will be very proud to have such a goofy and funny daddy ❤️
Evan Gray
Evan Gray 21 day ago
marielle futselaar
marielle futselaar 23 days ago
Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself to the world. And thanks for the fun adventures and pranks :)
Trevor Nope
Trevor Nope 25 days ago
🥺🥺its enough to make a grown man cry... youre amazing bdubs
Boytoy McChicken
Boytoy McChicken 26 days ago
-- 28 days ago
Bdubs, I wish you and your family the very best. I always love your content. It makes me laugh so much, so thank you very very much for what you do! Love ya man
Handerborte 97
Handerborte 97 Month ago
I can sorta relate to what you said in the end. My brother amd his wife have lost 2 babies in the last 2/3 years. And it was so painful to be there and experienced theire loss. I am so sorry you had to experienced that.
C K Month ago
Doomies AC
Doomies AC Month ago
I know this is an old video but happy birthday to Ivy. It seems like just yesterday you were telling us about getting married after you built that sand Home Depot. Keep making people happy through your content bdubs
Hugo Bianchi
Hugo Bianchi Month ago
That speech at the end I'm crying 😭 ! You do bring so much joy, love ya to death Bdubs ❤
pieflys123 Month ago
I wasn’t expecting to cry today while watching a Minecraft video, but here we are. God bless you brother.
I.C.E. Month ago
That last bit made me cry. You always bring me joy, bdubs. I love your content and I know Ivy would be so proud of you. I’m proud of you ❤️
Neil Jones
Neil Jones Month ago
My daughter and I love watching you Bdouble0100 - ill keep it short and sweet, thanks for all the content we appreciate you
Ian Fay
Ian Fay Month ago
Love your channel for your personality bdubs keep it up
Ian Fay
Ian Fay Month ago
I love your stuff bdubs will always watch it for your personality and your spunk
James Whitaker
James Whitaker Month ago
So sorry for your loss. I assure you that you bring joy to me and my family. Hold your head high and keep up the great work.
Juicy Month ago
I’m 23 years old and honestly can’t get enough of your videos. It’s the goofy humor and positivity that brings me back. I’m sure I’m probably part of the older crowd at this point when it comes to Minecraft videos but I just had to say that I love what you do bdubs Thanks
CBrief8675 Month ago
I’m so sorry for your loss man
Stevel Knievel
Stevel Knievel Month ago
Ivy ❤
Micam Month ago
Trying to catch up on your episodes. I found you from the hermitcraft server and others videos so i decided to give a watch. Dude, your voice cheers me up, your videos are well edited, you are funny, and dang if you don't build some impressive stuff. Glad I subscribed.
Micam Month ago
Well, I commented around the 26 min mark. Then I kept watching, and then i had to go back to your older videos since im a new viewer....dude im sorry for your loss, having kids of my own i couldn't imagine what your pain. But thanks for including in your vids. You are probably touching a lot of people in ways you cant imagine. Thank you.
Brad Rock
Brad Rock Month ago
❤ you bdubs! Thank you for bringing joy to our lives
Victor Evjen
Victor Evjen Month ago
Monserrat Arreola
That sudden explosion scared me!! 😂
LovedAxe63 Month ago
Isn't this the same title as when he made boomers?
LovedAxe63 Month ago
I hadn't finished the video yet so sorry for being so ignorant to the horrible news at the end of the video, I hope you and your family are ok bdubs, it is horrible to hear that especially at the moment in these hard times
RaduKing Month ago
"My mission is to bring joy". Your episodes always make my day better.
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus Month ago
Happy third birthday, Ivy! Your dad is a really great person 💜
Lazaro Then
Lazaro Then Month ago
I decided to go back and im not your bigest fani just sub before 5 weeks and i dont regret anything that idid i love how nice youre and the fact that youre talking for evrything youre doing my sisister born the same day with youre angel! She will be proud for your job and all the things you do for all the people watching you. I will celebrate my sistrs birtday and yours too :)! Stay STRONG be HAPPY
Dragon Paladin
Dragon Paladin Month ago
The TNT minecart exploded because of the stone block you placed right on the bend. I'm surprised you don't know about that particular feature.
Grace Month ago
I recently found your channel while dealing with a new and difficult chronic illness. You bring joy even on the days I feel the absolute worst. Your videos have been such a blessing to me and many others. You're a good human.
rednaxprime6011 rednaxprime6011
omg im so happy/sad for you, you bring tons of joy to me thank you so much
i had a feeling it was gonna blow up and it did... >v
NoahTheNoble 777
Just remember, she is in heaven, talking to Jesus
Soupat2 Month ago
You were messing with TNT mine carts. What did you expect?
Ben Dellinger
Ben Dellinger Month ago
What materials did he use for the building he built. Including top area
MrMax2898 2 months ago
always get me crying, Bdubs
Bill Pilaud
Bill Pilaud 2 months ago
You do entertain and Ivy is part of all!
d vandenberg
d vandenberg 2 months ago
This is the first season of Hermitcraft I've partaken in, so a year ago I started "Hermit shopping", if you will. To be perfectly frank, I thought you were annoying, so I simply didn't watch your videos and carried on. Watching Keralis and Scar interact with you like a bunch of bumbling morons (I mean that in the best way) always made me grin. So after a couple of months, I started looking forward to your episodes. Hell, you inspired me to build my own giant, fabulous mountain in my Minecraft world. Then 1.17 had to be announced... So keep on being you, even if some folks might not like it. Their loss. I'll be right here, waiting on you to beat everyone to bed.
Shiloh Vanderkooi
Shiloh Vanderkooi 2 months ago
I'm not crying at the end....... I'm definitely crying.
Katelyn Rose
Katelyn Rose 2 months ago
This is my first season of watching HermitCraft but I didn't start out by watching you. I initially watched only Grian, Mumbo, and Xisuma. But every time I saw you in one of their episodes I just loved you. Then I recently decided to binge all your episodes, Bdubs, and now I love you even more! You're so funny and you build the most amazing-looking builds! Hearing about your daughter hit me right to the heart and I just want to let you know that you are doing an amazing job. Every episode I watch brings me great joy and I love watching you so much. I'm really sorry about your loss, but just know that you do make people happy and I'm sure your daughter would be proud. Love you so much, Bdubs :)
Susan Hill
Susan Hill 2 months ago
Jamisen Johansen
Jamisen Johansen 2 months ago
Xd shadow
Xd shadow 2 months ago
Bdubs your a great father and I respect you for what you do I never knew about your daughter but you have been so strong through it and ur vids bring me joy
Justin Jostes
Justin Jostes 2 months ago
Thanks bdubs for all you bring to the Minecraft community. It truly wouldn’t be the same with out bubbles
Sheldon Worth
Sheldon Worth 2 months ago
Bdubs, I’ve watched your content even before you had kids. You deserve every bit of praise and thanks. Keep your head high. You’re doing a beautiful job! I know there is hurt but you are pushing through and I like to think she would be proud that you aren’t sinking! Good dad. Good guy. Good content. Loves ya! You got this!
Edd smithinhimer
Edd smithinhimer 2 months ago
God bless you, Bdubs. God Bless
Lorcan 2 months ago
I love the editing on the Bdubs vids
_euphoriA_ 2 months ago
Bdubs, you and your family are so strong! Thank you for being such role models. Imagine my pleasure in finding out that you are a brother in the faith! I pray for you and your family from time to time, that you guys persevere with the LORD. Your character is an example for everyone, your joy is unique, and we see it!
Paint Blank
Paint Blank 2 months ago
The dude just 3D prints the time lapse buildings... like... how!?
That Chief Guy
That Chief Guy 2 months ago
I love how Bdubs immediately brags of the horses stats in units of sticks/snow. And Joe, without hesitation was like “oh yeah wow nice”
Yves Pairiot
Yves Pairiot 2 months ago
Hey Bdubs, I can personally guarantee you that you are succesful in your mission. Going through some hardships, some medical as well, the last couple of years now, and I've only recently started watching your channel but, your kindness and sheer playfulness are a joy to watch and hear. I only wished I've known your channel sooner. Whenever in doubt, know that at least one person (and I'm sure there are thousands more) in the world is a little more happy thanks to what you are doing.
Anna 2 months ago
love ya man ❤❤❤
swordbrooke 2 months ago
BDubs, your content and amazing personalty has helped me get through this past year, and I couldn't thank you and the other hermits enough for that.
Sam Walker
Sam Walker 2 months ago
damn, that ending felt rough
Emilie Updegave
Emilie Updegave 2 months ago
Love you bdubs, thank you for being so strong ❤️
Mystixnation 2 months ago
Happy Birthday to your daughter
Mr. Shinobipants
Mr. Shinobipants 2 months ago
As always, thanks for sharing these videos with us, I have a daughter that just turned two and I cant imagine what you and yours have been through.. But honoring her memory by making these videos, sharing all the joy and levity with everyone of us is something im sure she would be very proud of! From one father to another, thank you!
Jeff Brady
Jeff Brady 2 months ago
Wow - thank you for honoring us with your story and sharing part of your life. You surely a bright spot - a minister of light. Thank you.
michael smith
michael smith 2 months ago
I'm behind on hermitcraft, I have only just seen this episode but I'd like to give my thanks to you along with all hermits for creating these amazing videos. I cant begin to imagine how difficult it must have been and the way you are honouring your daughters memory with your content is simply beautiful. She will be your guardian angel and forever with you and your wife. You make her proud every day with the joy you bring to thousands of people. May I suggest in the years to come that you take this special day off of work, not to worry about recording an episode for us pushing it out a day later is perfectly understandable. Much love to you and your family.
Miles Procrastinates
Everyone's cutting onions in the comments and I'm in a love-hate relationship with it.
MyGirlKray 2 months ago
That ending hit me hard, thanks bdubs for everything
Bryony O5
Bryony O5 2 months ago
Happy Birthday, Ivy-Rose. Thank you Bdubs for everything. You said that your mission is to bring joy into people's lives, and you have accomplished that, not just for me but for everyone who watches your videos. May God bless you ❤️
groovimonster 2 months ago
Just making our way through hermitcraft backlog and heard about Ivy. I'm so sorry. I couldn't live without my babies. We've donated £10 to SANDS in her honour. It's not much but will give each family who need it an information and support pack. My friends lost their 10 day old daughter and SANDS were so pivotal to their recovery. Sending our love xx
Flint Flint
Flint Flint 2 months ago
Logan Mak
Logan Mak 2 months ago
Maybe you should use trapdoors and a pistons to bring them up and down. This way, it you go down, then up and get a new scene without bdubs needing to fix it
Brandon Hubbard
Brandon Hubbard 2 months ago
We are always here for you bdubs! ❤ been watching since the bteam days and have always enjoyed the positive and welcoming spirit to all of your content
lara somethingorother
Something bad happened to me, something i don't want to make too public, when I was seven. Nobody knew the trauma I had been through and I never talked about it. Not even my parents knew. It destroyed my confidence and I never trusted anything again until aged nine. Watching you, smiling happy B-dubs, talk about such deep topics / issues gave the little confidence I needed to finally tell My parents and best friend about what happened. And for that, I am eternally thankful. Thank you, B-dubs, for giving me the push I needed.
Hunter Fevens
Hunter Fevens 2 months ago
You are an amazing dad and you should never give up. Your daughter will always be in are hearts.
PommeDeter 2 months ago
We love you Bdubs
Joel Michael Barker
Joel Michael Barker 2 months ago
Your daughter would be so proud you are bringing joy to everyone
Joel Michael Barker
Joel Michael Barker 2 months ago
So sorry you are great
KhillikiaLea W
KhillikiaLea W 2 months ago
Big hugs and kisses. For the memory of your sweet little ivy. Heartfelt wishes and positive thoughts and vibes sent your way. Thank you for being an amazing person.
KhillikiaLea W
KhillikiaLea W 2 months ago
You literally made me jump
Zachary Mueller
Zachary Mueller 2 months ago
In re watching hermitcraft 7... Rest easy Ivy. Although I am not directly connected to you or your family i was moved by your message three yours ago and I was moved today. Thank you for the reminder bdubs. I have been watching you for close to 5 or 6 years now and never have I felt so connected to a content creator!!! Thank you again!!!
Shoe Case
Shoe Case 2 months ago
love you bdubs. thanks for all you do
deadlysoul007 2 months ago
"I appreciate you more than you know" Likewise dude, thank you for always providing a laugh and a smile :)
The Youtube Rookie
The Youtube Rookie 2 months ago
Bdubs: Places down TNT Minecart for display Me, knowing just how volatile TNT Minecart's are: *"I think we all know where this is going."*
Jawaaa 2 months ago
Thank you for all that you are doing! i just recently discovered your channel and i really enjoy all of your videos. it makes me laugh and brings a smile on my face! Thank you very much!
OffshoreFish98 2 months ago
Love you Bdubs!!
Kevin Sund
Kevin Sund 2 months ago
Thanks bdubs for being you and for putting the work in everyday its definatly appreciated
Kris C
Kris C 2 months ago
You do....so so much joy. Thank you! 💜
Tristan Horak
Tristan Horak 2 months ago
Love the content!!😊Doing an awesome job!!!
Rachel R.
Rachel R. 2 months ago
Ben Floyd
Ben Floyd 2 months ago
I’ve been watching for years Bdubs and I never get tired of seeing you have fun and making myself and other people smile and laugh, thanks for all you do
DILLON GREENING 2 months ago
Thanks for sharing bubs, we love you buddy. God bless you and the family
Venture is Gaming
Venture is Gaming 2 months ago
Happy 3rd Birthday Iva and also B-dubs you always bring a smile to my face when I watch your videos
Winter Elite
Winter Elite 2 months ago
i just cant even..................sooooooo sadddd!!!!!!!!!:((((((:(:(:(:( i didnt know!!!!!! i shouldve known... know im mad at myself. >:(
Adam Ilan
Adam Ilan 2 months ago
im so sorry man. You're such an inspiration to so many people, and you're such a joy to so many people. Ivy is here with everyone of us, and we will keep her spirit happy, just like you keep us happy. Everyone is here for you. We all love you.
ye 2 months ago
I'm sure nobody will have any problems with the free glass
Isabel b
Isabel b 2 months ago
I’m crying rn this is so sad and happy at the same time
Isabel b
Isabel b 2 months ago
R.I.P ivy we miss you
mark 2 months ago
You er the best man you make me happey and a lot of others
Sean Sean
Sean Sean 2 months ago
This man deserves 10 Million subscribers right here right now