My Diamond Pile Grows! :: Hermitcraft #55 

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Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 55!
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Today on hermitcraft, we collect our winnings from the land games! Later we spend some time building at our base.
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Apr 29, 2021




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AJz 2 hours ago
your builds have the feeling/vibe of scenes in studio ghibli movies
Kai Sauge
Kai Sauge 7 hours ago
yo do you know you raised 2million african dollars
Roho 16 hours ago
"i pretty much sold all my land-" Me: "To Grian 😅"
james davis
james davis 17 hours ago
meh code still makes more sense (if you aren't lazy)
NL1T3N Gaming
NL1T3N Gaming 17 hours ago
I really Love light black. It’s actually one of my favorite colors
Allan Herring
Allan Herring 21 hour ago
Man seeing this in my feed was wiiiiiild. Bdubs was my childhood and always has been one of my favorite creators. Glad to see you still going man.
JustMax 22 hours ago
Bdubs if I could bottle your optimism I'd take some so I'd have a will to live and you wouldn't even feel a diffrence
István Szikra
Maybe demand is low because the plots are next to filthy pig farms ;)
Elizabeth Duhamel
"Whats this hole?..... oh nothin." -BDubs
Prasad Kulkarni
you should add some golems to protect villagers
Michael Niles
With all that land it look slike Grian's going to be a bit of competition in the real estate buiseness
ioan jones
ioan jones Day ago
Mines taller and a lot thicker, ahem
suprakirby Day ago
I think the reason why no one put a bid on scar's land is because none of them had any station to place bids on.
Alan White
Alan White Day ago
so it looks like grians going to be busy building all them pliots !! hope theres enough time left in season 7 so he builds it all
b3nsh3p Day ago
Hey love watching your vids. Just as a suggestion don't know if you'll see this but add a tower in one of the back corners. With the colors your working with there just needs to be a tower and it a place for magic. Again just a suggestion. Thank you for the great content.
Justin Moeckli
Hey bdubs I love your content and I think that I have an idea, you know the end crystal, you can push it to match the which hut
Kuznia_ Day ago
I know the chances of you reading this are pretty slim but ever wanna do another cities skylines run again?? Hope you and the fam are doing well!! B Team for life! miss you and genny!
Oktobot Robopants
I love love love all of the building advice and inspiration I get from the hermits. Bdubs, you are an artist. I love everything you do 💕
Jan Vafa
Jan Vafa Day ago
But Bdub the diamonds in the red zone get added to your pile!!!
Kalluk Manik
Kalluk Manik Day ago
BdoubleO sorry but i had to, i saw the tittle and it said grow then i thought 'im happy something grow unlike you' sooooorrrrryyyy
diggoran Day ago
I feel like the brew house is so tall that it makes the mountain and castle look smaller :/ I hate to say it because it looks so cool by itself I think a better fit would have been a tiny hunter/trapper shack with some clutter out front. Maybe an axe in a log and firewood scattered around. Furs laying about too if you can figure out a way to do it.
becky Day ago
hey! 2b2t player here to tell you that end crystals will not explode after you push them with pistons, so you can get it farther away from the bridge and make it safe to keep there :)
Conor Raypholtz
Conor Raypholtz 2 days ago
should have shoved all his diamonds into a chest with a huge bid, technically would have received them from land sales
DeathMagic †
DeathMagic † 2 days ago
20:17 I think stripped sprouce log pillars would look nice there with noteblocks at water level and possibly signs or trapdoors around the top. Actually the whole bottom side of the bridge could be wood. I dunno I'm no builder.
hi there humans
hi there humans 2 days ago
fun fact: grian could buy aque town and still be the richest
Sem Lijzenga
Sem Lijzenga 2 days ago
You better get your wooden shoffels. Scar hasa aou that you clear the prank you did
Sem Lijzenga
Sem Lijzenga 2 days ago
Latest news, b-dubs loses a bed race. How emberasing... lol
Tim Baleno
Tim Baleno 2 days ago
For the record, that HTML code is some of the cleanest HTML I've seen. It might not make sense, but it's not a mess at least.
Gem's Dirty Kitchen
27:20 Who paints a house black? Must have been Mick Jagger's or Keith Richards' house :-D
Sassy 2 days ago
I love love love love your builds; this new reminds me of a outpost a little. It might be the shape? Keep up the GREAT work.
Texturcraft 2 days ago
maybe u can create something like a plate in the water to magical support the end crystal :D
David Yodo
David Yodo 2 days ago
I just learned the word "Pigsty" from this video
Bacon King
Bacon King 2 days ago
the day is always goo when i see a bdubs episode
Drake Senécal
Drake Senécal 2 days ago
If love if you decided to use some purple in your builds.
Cameron Thompson
Cameron Thompson 2 days ago
Bdubs: "Look at the code for a website" Me as a developer: *understands every line*
d4taXbr3ach 2 days ago
Use polished granite with the Blackstone. I used it in a build and it looks really good
William Alexander
I honestly like the darker witch build. It's different. Maybe a dead tree and cobwebs to add spooky?
Rohan 2 days ago
He is actually so handsome!
Hildegunst von Mythenmetz
You guys should invite stampy and squid to the hermitcraft server!
BrownR87 3 days ago
"Not really a prank I just tease him" It could be a prank. Fill his stock chests and barrels with random junk when they are empty 😅
Crashyboy4 3 days ago
You are ideally the most entertaining hermit
JustRecentlyI 3 days ago
Oh wow that "witch hut" with black and bright colors is amazing!
JustRecentlyI 3 days ago
That bridge and path are beautiful!
Thanoz A
Thanoz A 3 days ago
I feel like Bdubs should try and redo the bids with more advertisement
diggoran Day ago
Yeah seems like a total advertising failure xD
coconutcore 3 days ago
I’m loving Aquetown! Scar’s got some great ideas. All of the Hermits do.
James Rikeman
James Rikeman 3 days ago
Probably too late for this, but I would love to see a tower sticking out from the left side of that "witch house" from say the second floor, maybe the third. It could have a spiral staircase that goes into a tiny room at the top of the tower like a look-out area or something. Could even use that to connect the second floor to the other ones above and get stairs out of the way for the upper levels.
Beth S
Beth S 3 days ago
Great episode as always! But...can we talk about Bdubs hair???? LOL
Ashton Armstrong
Ashton Armstrong 3 days ago
I love the witch house thing
James Haskell
James Haskell 3 days ago
14:03 how many of barenziahs stones do you have
James Haskell
James Haskell 3 days ago
(skyrim reference)
Darkestinsane 3 days ago
a ruined bridge would be cool to see with your older style of pathway with the mossy cobblestone. make the bridge look worn down and maybe pop some holes into it.
TheePluto 3 days ago
i know scar is positive and all but it kinda sucks, he got sick and bdubs messed with the land and people didn’t touch it
Callum Gosling
Callum Gosling 3 days ago
That what he said
jama l
jama l 3 days ago
bdouble= look how biger mine is compared to his mine is way more thicker. me= thats what she said
Adsy Soulstar
Adsy Soulstar 3 days ago
You didn’t leave the auction long enough
Ian Cummings
Ian Cummings 3 days ago
Try orange or terracotta for the roof of that one building. That could work.
uhh childe
uhh childe 3 days ago
the new build looks great! my only concern is that the size of it sort of breaks the illusion of the cliff. that house is almost half the size of that thing!
DaveMade.It 3 days ago
Please Bdubs ... Check your profits at your lamps shop 😁
Mtijger 3 days ago
Griantopia is rising
Travis Olsen
Travis Olsen 3 days ago
I miss making web sites the "old way" #RIPgeocities
Gavin G
Gavin G 3 days ago
little does he know Grian didn't really want all of them.
Wowerful 3 days ago
diggoran Day ago
Etho, when he also tagged Bdubs back with the end rod
Eldritch Lemon
Eldritch Lemon 3 days ago
How did he make that end crystal float above the watee
Eldritch Lemon
Eldritch Lemon 3 days ago
Caerigna 3 days ago
i think some black in the roof would bring it together more. chain at the top?
Hazel Cappuccino
Hazel Cappuccino 3 days ago
Bdubs is all over the place, so hard to comment when there are lots of thing to say.. No matter what, Booman, be youself and never lose it, that what makes you special!!!!!!!
Dominick Lincoln
Dominick Lincoln 3 days ago
aqua town (aaah-kwaah)
Matthew R
Matthew R 3 days ago
Yo bdubs you should do some kind of collab with a guy called pungence, you guys have some similarities
Matthew R
Matthew R Day ago
@diggoran yeah I’m joking
diggoran Day ago
Are you joking? It's hard to tell sometimes.
Miner47000 3 days ago
Bdubs has that radio host type of voice
Mark Ramsell
Mark Ramsell 3 days ago
In Colorado, bike paths are usually white concrete in town and reddish brown pebbly dirt out of town. Lot of iron in soil. (just informational)
Mark Ramsell
Mark Ramsell 3 days ago
New house is on island so make small dock and system to offload barrels a bit more connected to the water functionally. People want to look at waterfalls.
Justin H
Justin H 3 days ago
Bdubs: yay i got this shop all to myself also Bdubs: oh right I gotta stock it now you know how keralis feels hehe ;)
Daniel Ding
Daniel Ding 3 days ago
Grian actually only wanted one but he wanted a guarantee of at least one so he went to all of them
Midnight Leclipce
Bdubs: Yesterday I saw a house! Me: But you see the everyday while at your base.. Bdubs: a black house Me: What Bdubs: with a light black trim Me: That's my new favorite color
"scar is known to fluff" he only did that to preserve the shape of the diamond throne for the world download at end season while still being able to use the diamonds for community stuff.
Quinn B.
Quinn B. 3 days ago
I love how Grian wasn’t trying to get all those lots, but he did anyways. He payed for all those lots but only really wanted one, he only payed for all of them cause he wanted to make sure he’d get one. 😂
Johan van Niekerk
Octavian Blejdea
Octavian Blejdea 3 days ago
What's the intro song?
dillon 3 days ago
heres the real question tho, who has the end rod owo
Lucas Melton
Lucas Melton 4 days ago
Keralis would say it needs more bushes on the path
Robottic Wolf
Robottic Wolf 4 days ago
My power grows Gordon!
CrazyNenzu 4 days ago
Bdubs's base is what I have always wanted to do but I never had the building skills or the determination to complete.
Max Rosenberg
Max Rosenberg 4 days ago
"Trying to fly with a carrot" remember in season 6 when Grian had to use a texture pack and fireworks looked like carrots? 3:21
İrem Özsoylar
İrem Özsoylar 4 days ago
The new build cam be something like a witch's hut and the pink floating thing outside can be a part of that plot as a curse or something 👀
Nether Cloud
Nether Cloud 4 days ago
"look at the size of mine, and it's thick too" ....*facepalm* Awesome! LOL
Debayan Pal
Debayan Pal 4 days ago
sheeeeeeeeesh ...... dat hair lookin good
TheGreatWhodini 4 days ago
Bdubs, you should consider some custom trees near the building. The custom spruces you built would look great near the new building. If you look up black spruce and tamarack, those would be two trees that would not only compliment the build, it would make sense with the environment surrounding.
JΞT.Ð.Ð Y PRØ 彡々 彡
Bdubs , you could sell the remaining plot of land to Xisuma and Keralis because they are partners of the concrete factory in the shopping district and they could build the concrete factory HQ...
zonald trumpet
zonald trumpet 4 days ago
that mad billionaire grian!!!
TheTimmyc1983 4 days ago
It feels like xB got a rough deal here, he paid 6 diamond blocks and gave his share of red zone for that property that no one else other than grian hedging his bets would have bought... I presume he was sick of sticking it anyway.... buuuuutt....
Andrew Denne
Andrew Denne 4 days ago
miner's hut against the cliff?
EgoLTR 4 days ago
Although I do like your new building a lot, it feels a little unbalanced. Perhaps that was the idea as it being a witches hut but it might look more fitting if you balance it out a little more. Especially because it is so skinny and tall, it feels a little out of place with the rest of the village.
AT 210
AT 210 4 days ago
I love how hermitcraft is teaching us economy better than school
Yuvrajmarkham Verma
This man is so good at building
Giovanna Fransesca
Bdubs : “XB race me” XB, 0,000001 second later : *lied in the bed* Bdubs : “ *FOOL!* “ 🤣
Ghost Fox
Ghost Fox 4 days ago
I think the witch hut may be too tall to be that close to the cliff. I think it takes away from the perception of the height of the cliff a little
Keene Paabot
Keene Paabot 4 days ago
Grian: I wish I don't get every plot Bdubs: Grian!
jamie stagg
jamie stagg 4 days ago
Any one else looking forward to Bdubs builds in caves and cliffs update his blending and block pallets are gunna be amazing
The Sleeping Knight
I think Grian is going to go into the real estate business...
The Crystal Gamer
Dude you are amazing never stop being you. And also maybe you could build a bunker in the cliff and or backdrop but you know just a suggestion.
Lot Myle
Lot Myle 4 days ago
Is it just me or does that house seem a level too tall?