Minecraft 3rd Life: Day 2 - Team Yellow! 

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Let's Play minecraft with only 3 lives before we are removed from the world! On day 2 of 3rd life, start a castle that will help defend us from impending threats.
Instagram: @BdoubleOinsta
Twitter: bdoubleo100
Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/bdoubleo
Patreon: www.patreon.com/BdoubleO100
Third life is a minecraft SMP server with a bunch of friends where the goal is to stay alive. The only catch is that you only have three lives. Once your 3rd life is gone, you are removed from the server! Additionally, when you are on your 3rd life, you are allowed to hunt the other server members. The last person to survive without losing their 3rd life is the minecraft champion of the word!
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Apr 27, 2021




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SteelHunter9 Hour ago
Grian: "Oh BDubs died howd BDubs die" BDubs:... I dont wanna talk about it.....
Inaaya Hayath
Inaaya Hayath 2 hours ago
I have question what mid do you use for voice chat?
Just a Like Button
Just a Like Button 2 hours ago
Poor pizza being kidnapped, shoved underground and then tempted to be thrown out of the barrier so it would never reunite with its friend scar again.
Kyle Beals
Kyle Beals 15 hours ago
Can u please turn up other player volume lol
Lead Off
Lead Off 16 hours ago
Can you turn up others mics
Mr. Potato Pig
Mr. Potato Pig 22 hours ago
bdubs please post another 3rd life it's so good. like if you agree so he sees this comment
John Rhobie
John Rhobie Day ago
that scream
David Bellmore
Bdubs making Hollywood level trailers for Third Life, and I LOVE IT!
Requiem Day ago
Such a great thumbnail
Heidi Kindon
Heidi Kindon Day ago
This is so fun
Mekilla17 Day ago
3rd life is soo cool. I wanna server like this.
Rafael Roi Recon
cleo needs to hide pizza from scar or else
Leah Nigus
Leah Nigus Day ago
hey bdubs u might already know this but the other people were pretty quiet great video tho this series is hilarious 😄
Jonah Popp
Jonah Popp Day ago
Cleo and Bdubs make an entertaining duo
Jordan Hanna
Jordan Hanna Day ago
Waiting on episode three!!! Can’t wait!!
_mwk Day ago
That's one small castle.
Otto VonBearsmark
He could’ve landed on the bed 😭
Frank Carino
Frank Carino 2 days ago
Shawn 2 days ago
Loving third life so much I have to get that different variations from each player! The proximity chat takes it to the next level.
Derek Weber
Derek Weber 2 days ago
Andix Piwi
Andix Piwi 3 days ago
18:00 i laughed so hard
MidnightWolf 3 days ago
Ooo loving the intro!
Oni 3 days ago
Died the way he lived, building a castle.
The HermitBrick
The HermitBrick 3 days ago
BdoulbeO, I suggest making the video into multiple videos like Rendog, I think more people will watch it, and like it would be cool to see this, but in like 15-10 minute videos
William Ruderman
William Ruderman 3 days ago
that was a 22 block fall, so if you didnt take that half a heart of damage you wouldve survived lol
Mined Crafters
Mined Crafters 3 days ago
Which one’s better hermitcraft or 3rd life
Nicola Dunn
Nicola Dunn 3 days ago
Absolutely loving this! Could I ask that you raise the volume of the other players on proximity though please? I saw you raised Tango's volume, but I have a bearing impairment, and I'm really struggling to pick up a lot of what's being said. I've turned it up a lot, but that makes you really loud, and everyone else is still rather quiet. I'm sorry to ask, it's just hard to follow bits. I'm guessing you have them pretty low for a reason, so I hope it isn't a problem for you to do that. If it is, then that's fair enough; you need to be comfortable playing and creating, and I'm still enjoying watching you have fun.
ThatBadGuy 4 days ago
Bdubs: "I feel safe up here!" Me: "Say that again when Phantoms starts swooping in at you." 31:00 Me: "Ah. So that's how he lost his life."
unhott 4 days ago
Masterful intro
squizzzel_kav 4 days ago
why don’t you make a cobblestone generator
FrostyFlamingo 45
I want to see this series become a battle of who can take and hold pizza
Jack Hrncir
Jack Hrncir 4 days ago
The yellow team is MCSkizzleMan BdoubleO100 and GoodTimesWithScar
WTZWBlaze 4 days ago
dark ghost
dark ghost 5 days ago
Comming all the way to this video just to watch bdubs die
ViperLee 44
ViperLee 44 5 days ago
Crassle..... crapper castle. That’s why he made a toilet seat!
DarkHystria 5 days ago
Hey bdubz put a stone llama head on the front of the castle btw loving 3rd life
Plz increase the volume of other players a little plz 🙏🙏
Unknown L
Unknown L 5 days ago
U can land on the bed to
Grayson Dubois
Grayson Dubois 5 days ago
I’m so happy that the beginning of this video was the Oscar Nominated Scream (tm) from last video.
termaine jacobs
termaine jacobs 5 days ago
The plot for this is amazing. We got kidnapping, gang warfare, monopolies, and murder in the horizon.
Noah Tasker
Noah Tasker 5 days ago
Just added cleo to my list of hermits to watch.
Caleb Martin
Caleb Martin 5 days ago
Ren absolutely lied to cleo lol, he said he wanted to use that knowledge as leverage, he wasn't saying that cause of an alliance
Exploding DustRags
I know
Radar97 5 days ago
Alas poor Bdubs. He died as he lived...building.
LoO0gan 5 days ago
kill ren. he is a traitor vote him out.
LoO0gan 5 days ago
bdubs you should have aimed for the bed could have bounced to reduce fall damage
Joe Discher
Joe Discher 5 days ago
Man I'm loving this series!
GreezSam 6 days ago
that intro was amazing!
Plazma Hero Studios
Cleo: Oh, so he knows I took pizza, but he doesn't know where he is. Bdubs: .... I don't think i told him Bdubs five minutes earlier: oh yeah! he in my basement!
David Yodo
David Yodo 6 days ago
I love how everyone still falling for the Creeper Sound 🤣
Plazma Hero Studios
Cleo: It's becoming night 10 seconds later: LET THERE BE LIGHT!
David Yodo
David Yodo 6 days ago
F for Bdubs 🙏
InTheLittleWoods 6 days ago
This is a great death! I laughed out loud!!!
Bobosaurus 5 days ago
I’m not surprised...
Fosterlinq 6 days ago
*Shakes in having made a whole au where Bdubs died to a phantom first*
99redragons 6 days ago
Yall should make it a legit dungeon with chains between you and Pizza so you can have a real hostage negotiation with Scar.
EllaBrella 6 days ago
killed by a phantom... this is why bdubs ALWAYS sleeps.
DoggoZa Great :D
DoggoZa Great :D 6 days ago
lol when grian left he died
Ostmarackas 6 days ago
You should do so you can drop lava on the sides of the castle
Dan Sthjonson
Dan Sthjonson 6 days ago
Where did all those golden carrots come from!?
Russell Mooney
Russell Mooney 6 days ago
Why are the trees so homicidal in this series?! Lmao
SpiderZ 6 days ago
Renchanting could have helped with that.
jacob mato
jacob mato 6 days ago
Someone needs to plan for the afterlife. What happens on you 3rd life. People aren't giving you your stuff back so you can kill them.
TayTay The Hufflepuff
That whole llama stealing thing reminds me of the time Sally was captured.... funny thing is Grian-I mean Poultry man-was involved in both cases.
Emma Rosa Koopstra
Plz level your sound more evenly with the others. I here u screaming and the other whispering.
Captain Parker
Captain Parker 6 days ago
I can only assume that the show Survivor played a huge role in this idea… if it didn’t… somebody get on that. That’s a GOLDEN idea that could reenergize the Minecraft market
Trav Pots
Trav Pots 6 days ago
Good job
Teertha Vyas
Teertha Vyas 6 days ago
Scar's video: SOMEONE KILLED PIZZA NOOOOO TWT Grian's video: someone took pizza, and we will find it! Bdubs video: hey bdubs look what i got lol
killerkiller2 6 days ago
Love it, but can you turn up the volume of the other players please? Some are very hard to hear.
BunnyLover840 6 days ago
Bdubs is harvesting rooms of leaves with an axe while he has a shovel in his hotbar 😢
Teertha Vyas
Teertha Vyas 6 days ago
me wondering how bdubs will die: bdubs: I'll land in the puddle! me: *facepalm*
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 6 days ago
The Easterners Team Village: Etho, Tango, Impulse? Team Castle: Cleo, BDubs, Impulse? Magic Kingdom: Ren, Martin The Sandlot: Grian, Scar Skizzle Plateau: Skizzleman, Ren, Etho
Rafael Santo
Rafael Santo 6 days ago
Why do they even need dark oak
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 6 days ago
31:05 In the words of Thanos, "You should have gone for the bed."
El Fascisto
El Fascisto 6 days ago
Team Castle x Team Village x Team Desert. What is the other one called ?
Welcome Texas
Welcome Texas 6 days ago
Cleo is absolutely cute
Chris Cosmic
Chris Cosmic 6 days ago
dont wanna like bdubz losing a life :D
AJ Pérez
AJ Pérez 6 days ago
The audio for everybody else is quite low, it's hard to hear them. Could you please fix it for the next episodes?
Yoyo Cody B
Yoyo Cody B 6 days ago
That giggle at the end 🤣🤣
Datonis 7 days ago
Bdubs love your face, can you turn up the other player's audio next video?
Zreknarf 7 days ago
this llama is going to start a war
Cathy 7 days ago
lol don't tell anyone about our alliance but we are all watching each others videos lol
Madison Diaz
Madison Diaz 7 days ago
I love how I got an add about sleeping for a Bdubs video
L00n3y2010 7 days ago
the sound of the other guys is very low, need to turn up the volume and then i hear you VERY loud! It's kinda annoying
SilverTails 7 days ago
i just wanna say, i really enjoy hermitcraft and 3rd life is such an awesome concept... also if i watched all my animes for the week these episodes are like the perfect ones to watch XD
DrRush12358 7 days ago
PSA, beds break falls
Lucas Carreiro Roy
Ary 7 days ago
Good night warden
Heidi 7 days ago
dang you landed perfectly between the water and the bed rip
Ben Apaya
Ben Apaya 7 days ago
Bdubs could've made the normal stone to slabs so when you break it you get stone slabs not cobblestone therefore he doesn't need to smelt it and wait and use fuel but it also takes abit more time when placing them because they're slabs 1/2 of a block.
Prinki Doodles
Prinki Doodles 7 days ago
This could also be called The Hunger Games...
romnos 7 days ago
Cleo is such a bad ass 😂
CeNedra Lea Heldra
Ripper Cleo 10 to death... great series. Go Cleo... I did a bad thing....lol ripper. Noooo bdouble dies.... missed the bed... running naked through the night
ARJA - Mobile Gaming
Cleo: I showed him mine so he showed me his. hmmmm... 😏
ARJA - Mobile Gaming
When you realize the bed was closer than the puddle ⊙_⊙
Someone needs to make the villagers safe and start breeding or something bad is going to happen!!!
Nicolas English
Nicolas English 7 days ago
He could have gone for the bed
robert ornelas
robert ornelas 7 days ago
You should display pizza in the middle of the castle.
Volt Siano
Volt Siano 7 days ago
Bdubs: _literally dies_ "I'm fine!"
Just Some Disappointed Bald Guy
Cleo let you die, she could’ve easily placed the bucket on flag ground so the water could spread out.
Bailey Benedict
Bailey Benedict 7 days ago
Your videos are delightful Bdubs
Scarlett Ember
Scarlett Ember 7 days ago
Remember what happened last time grian made a game full of bloodlust and murder and you chilled with cleo and lived in an amazing castle you built... "water me poppy"