Chill Building Stream 

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Lets do some practice building together!
Ivy Rose (for charity): www.nikkireneestyle.com/


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Apr 8, 2021




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Icewolf Hour ago
Shaders 23:27
James Visser
James Visser Day ago
I love your videos
Chloe Yurko
Chloe Yurko Day ago
I really really wanna know what music playlist he had going during this, it sounds so perfect for building 🥺
Trippy Trill
Trippy Trill 6 days ago
I will forever love this guy ahah 👍🤩
DrYellower 11 days ago
bdoubleo LIVE bdoubleolive *olive*
Orbital9 16 days ago
Oh my goodness please bring building with Bdubs back! I definitely understand your concerns though, I had 3 survival worlds going on at once and it was incredibly overwhelming so I understand if you don't want to. Been watching since about 2013-14 (season 2 of building with Bdouble0) and have been loving your recent videos keep up the phenomenal work!
Derry Drendell
Derry Drendell 17 days ago
luv 2 see u bdubs
Machine5464 18 days ago
My favorite part was when Bdubs and Genny were laughing about lying to fans and making false promises, that was hilarious.
Requenz 19 days ago
What shaderpack were you using?
Hazmatazz800 Minecraft
1:58:40 Charlie could also be Charlotte, love the castles by the way!
W351D3 19 days ago
When you say pogging do you mean the 1990s type of pogging because I don’t know any other type of pogging. Pogs what old game.
Bethany Shaner
Bethany Shaner 19 days ago
Just a reminder that the average height for a man in the US is anywhere from 5’7” to 5’9” depending on what reports you read.
Aero 21 day ago
BDubs setting up his stream is so cute.
Aero 21 day ago
I'd love to see BDubs stream more.
Caerigna 21 day ago
I think Will Wheaton's dice curse is sad pog
176 Hisyam Hasbi
176 Hisyam Hasbi 16 days ago
Is this critical role in the wild?
u_esh_b 21 day ago
I've honestly met more girls named charlie than boys
Badger 22 days ago
"The P😢G is sad and full of redstone..."
KingTyler001 Gaming
I took me two days to watch this all, but wow im in tears especially when genny called these two guys were often my only source of laughs and smiles for so much of my life in high school. What an amazing moment to get to see.
Dylan Falk
Dylan Falk 23 days ago
Bdubs it's true, I recently came back to the game after a long hiatus, and I decided to check out what you were doing. Your contently lately has been really good and your build style has been a big inspiration for me.
Ceo of stepping
Ceo of stepping 23 days ago
Omg as if I missed this!!
CxQcrossWA 100
CxQcrossWA 100 24 days ago
judyjude 24 days ago
at 07 AM I read this title as Child bullying stream..
NightCrawler 24 days ago
It makes me so happy to hear you and generikb on the phone. You 2 are hilarious together I miss the those days.
Nathan P
Nathan P 24 days ago
Missed you bro. Glad to have you back. You gonna go back to your city building days of Banished/Skylines ? Jc. Either way. You're awesome. Stay awesome Bdubs.
Brenden Carr
Brenden Carr 24 days ago
Watching you hang out talking to Etho is fun, not just because im seeing Etho but because you 2 have fun
Sabrina Bean
Sabrina Bean 24 days ago
Omg yes new single player world
ssimonjh 24 days ago
Please upload more of this!
Perfect Protagonist
Bobby JCFHv Lichtenstein
29:07 I think I got noticed by BDubs :O
Otters Animate
Otters Animate 25 days ago
does anyone know what shaders he is using??
Sharon B
Sharon B 25 days ago
No real mountains that big? Sure there is. I grew up in them :)
Perfect Protagonist
David Purton
David Purton 25 days ago
More streams BDUBS.... Tango was RIGHT!!!
DanoTheDino 5
DanoTheDino 5 25 days ago
I miss the fly boys series. Can u maybe make another one? Please.
Dave Froman
Dave Froman 25 days ago
Can you imagine how insane the builds are going to get when the build height is doubled?
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 25 days ago
I watched this in the background while playing skyrim, this build really gives off skyrim vibes
Cal Evans
Cal Evans 25 days ago
So sorry I missed the stream, by any chance would you be able to stream again sometime soon, would love to hang with you I just work all the time
Gods Grace Or Mans Synthetic Manipulation
just adding to your ball in the box analogy Bdubs. When i lost my sister 10 years ago someone said, you will never get over it, youll just learn to deal with it better. Seems to be the case, much love your way.
Cha Cha Real Smooth
wait that’s an actual world i thought it was a screensaver wallpaper good lord
Count Monte
Count Monte 25 days ago
Donates 5$ with a question - Why dont you stream on Twitch? Its like free money for big youtubers like you! - Bdubs: (4 seconds silince) .. thanks for the 5$! (another 4 seconds).. Can you see the irony here? This one killed me :D:D:D:D
Max Mondays
Max Mondays 26 days ago
Hey Bdubs! Question, do you ever use the debug stick while building in creative? I’ve found it useful for making things more intricate like with stairs and fences doing things they don’t usually
Brandon White
Brandon White 26 days ago
It's been TOO long since we have heard these two in a call together.!.!.! B-Team doin tha work!
Dominik Rusec
Dominik Rusec 26 days ago
What is POGING!? I must have missed something.
Shems Alkaaby
Shems Alkaaby 26 days ago
I looked up what pog stands for It stands for Play Of the Game I'm not joking I looked it up
Ron K
Ron K 26 days ago
Dang, wish I didn't miss this. You are the best hermit IMO
xerodiu 26 days ago
Grandpas Magic
Grandpas Magic 26 days ago
B-Dub: "BLAZE IT!!" me: pauses video to write this comment and to roll one up "YES SIR!! You don't have to tell me twice!!"
Agentzap 26 days ago
this is a remarkable amount of views for a stream vod??
variant 23 days ago
Bdubs is just that good 😌
Schnicks_NZ 26 days ago
This is why generik + bdubs are the best duo. That talk at the end was perfect. Fly boys season 7 will be epic
Cassandra Parshall
Cassandra Parshall 26 days ago
Watching the chill building stream to relax while my sewing machine has me tearing my hair out 👌
Thomas C.
Thomas C. 26 days ago
Bdubs: Theres no mountains that big in the world. Mt. Everest: Am i a joke to you?
Amanda Kelly
Amanda Kelly 26 days ago
Bdouble0100, i love watching you, you are very funny guy from across the sea in Ireland
Edmund Squid
Edmund Squid 26 days ago
Now this was a nice surprise. Thank you Bdubs I needed the laughs. Thanks to Genny too! ...............Much nostalgia...............many feels!
N02896 26 days ago
So sad I missed this. I love bdubs.
M0bZ0Mb!3 26 days ago
Charlie can be short for Charolette
Tris Scriver
Tris Scriver 26 days ago
Couldn't catch the stream during but just watching it after the fact made me so happy xD bdubs and generikb are otp change my mind
Mouse 26 days ago
Soooo excited! I wasn't able to catch the stream, so unhappy about that. I've been watching you since before you met Nicole. I've watched you grow up, my dude. Love you to pieces
UltraSonic 26 days ago
2:26:00 I’m so glad I donated those 10$ on the stream and asked if the B team series will return, because after that Bdubs said no to my question because Generik wasn’t returning his calls, and then right after that Generik called Bdubs on the stream! If I didn’t send that donation, Generik might not have been on the stream!
Tman 26 days ago
38.. yikes lol. Thankfully I'm only 29 Btw, any chance at an Evil Genius 2 series? Super fun game
Kenny Vanwagner
Kenny Vanwagner 26 days ago
U nd scar should do more together to. U two are hilarious
Daniel Demski
Daniel Demski 26 days ago
The WorldPainter idea for your single player series sounds awesome. Loved looking at this flat meadow surrounded by plateau-ish mountains in the stream, if it’s anything like that it would be visual candy every episode.
Anna Bailetti
Anna Bailetti 26 days ago
Thank you for streaming it was so Pog i pogging loved it;))
AmazingTrixie 27 days ago
This made my day yesterday, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me it made me so happy, especially the part with Genny :D
Lucas Fastuca
Lucas Fastuca 27 days ago
Does anybody know any tutorial on how to build with the commands and the axe like he is doing? I'm not new to minecraft but I am with this style of building and I want to learn
Brigritte 27 days ago
your clock wakes me up at 3am but i was so tired that i was sleeping very well at that streamtime. thanks a lot for that. now i'm here back again!
Tomas Jakovac
Tomas Jakovac 27 days ago
This castle is Iskall's worst nightmare come to life
SpottierYeti655 27 days ago
Lol. The top of tbe Towers look like Grian. Anyone else notice that?
Silas Brailey
Silas Brailey 27 days ago
Tango is taking notes that's why he's here
Caerigna 21 day ago
So Grian has come to steal tricks, Tango is taking notes for his next Mega-Game, Keralis was busy making the world's most aesthetic mob farms, Joe was stealing tricks from Keralis, Chloe was listening while making a Phasmo exhibit that's prolly more disturbing than the game, Mumbo was doing masochistic redstone mind-hurdles, Scar was competitively watching but got distracted, and the rest were lurking, all while Bubs was chill build-pogging. This is why we love the Hermits.
Epicendermate 27 days ago
what is the map download
rae s
rae s 27 days ago
had a dream that i got to build with bdubs and that he said the f word in one of his hermitcraft videos. woke up to find this video. sad i missed the stream but really enjoy this kind of content
Dayton Pederson
Dayton Pederson 27 days ago
70° is winter sir!
Xander's World
Xander's World 27 days ago
Jason Lizotte
Jason Lizotte 27 days ago
i would love to watch this stuff. please start it earlier though. i live in Europe and that was in the middle of the night :(
Dead Gamers
Dead Gamers 27 days ago
Bdubs’ nothing super serious building are better than most people’s actual serious builds... 😂🤣😂
Samuel Quintero
Samuel Quintero 27 days ago
Geniustav 27 days ago
That ending made me feel such joy
Martin Hammar
Martin Hammar 27 days ago
Oh noo. Gotta shrrep
Spyder King
Spyder King 27 days ago
What's poging mean for the chat?
Ed 27 days ago
I miss B team so much. When he came into the stream, that was amazing
Darkwytch 27 days ago
Looking forward to your next stream. Sadly I missed this one because I didn't know about it :( .
Liam Wilson
Liam Wilson 27 days ago
What a lovely treat.
Rolatii 27 days ago
Oh my god, I can't believe I forgot how much of a wonderful troll Genny could be.
lujoBoy 27 days ago
How did I miss this AAAAAAAAA
11thRiddler 27 days ago
I'm kind of sad that I fell asleep during the stream... Blame that on me living in a completely different time zone
Cullen Correale
Cullen Correale 27 days ago
i stupid
Cullen Correale
Cullen Correale 27 days ago
im not live with him
Cullen Correale
Cullen Correale 27 days ago
Noah Turner
Noah Turner 27 days ago
Starts at 5:17
Cullen Correale
Cullen Correale 27 days ago
hi bdubs just joined
The Mysterious Frog
Thanks for streaming! I couldn’t stay for long though... :(
Viani PZN-0148
Viani PZN-0148 27 days ago
Man, I missed the stream. Stupid time zones.
Jan Marušić
Jan Marušić 27 days ago
quick question does bdubs use schematica when he builds on hermit or?
Dexodon 27 days ago
Slash McSteel
Slash McSteel 27 days ago
This is actually great, I love long videos, and you're a delight to listen to
Sketchy Manager
Sketchy Manager 27 days ago
You know what Bdus should do?? Lofi videos of him silently building. This would be a good study music video
Jokers 27 days ago
for me in the uk this was at 1:10 am so i saved the stream
Nathaniel Craun
Nathaniel Craun 27 days ago
Yay! It was great to see a stream again, I know it’s selfish but please do more! 😂
x_Lulu_gaming_x lulu
Hold on... I DIDNT KNOW BDUBS STREAMED?? I MISSED IT! NO! Well I guess I can watch it now but I wish I didn’t miss it 😭 Why didn’t I get a notification?
bossman fam
bossman fam 27 days ago
Bdubs pls dont spil GOT for me I havent watched it yet
Flannsyn 27 days ago
I'm so glad you started doing streams!! Thanks for the stream, it was SWEET!
Cara Parker Drabble
Genny on hermitcraft? B team shenanigans would be awesome