Awesome Cyberpunk Bedroom! :: Hermitcraft #41 

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Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 41!
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Today on hermitcraft, we make a cyberpunk style bedroom for our dear sweet face Keralis. Later we work on building the profits up for Lamps Plus!
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Dec 23, 2020




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BdoubleO100 4 months ago
Pierce Branson
Pierce Branson 10 days ago
I dont know if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram password using InstaPlekt. Just google for it enjoy!
Vivian Month ago
Ethan Huang
Ethan Huang 2 months ago
Can I plz have Filmora X?
S R 4 months ago
I want Filmora X Boo!
Whirlie 4 months ago
You should give it to the 259th comment
Cappo Farid
Cappo Farid 11 hours ago
0:59 “Gotta shreep!”
Ashley Zander
Ashley Zander 17 days ago
XD Bdubs getting stuck had me laughing way too hard. His reaction is gold. 5:02
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith 23 days ago
Aw I wish Bdubs had posted his perspective on the minigames, even if it was just uncut footage on a separate video haha
Cillian O'Donovan
Cillian O'Donovan 27 days ago
Watch 10:26 with no context
trueborn jester
trueborn jester Month ago
Didnt remove the torch under the glass beside the bed. Are you ashamed?! 🤣
Ian Fay
Ian Fay Month ago
Merry Christmas BDubs!
booquifius Month ago
So far, 3 different ads, 3 different haircuts. Gotta stay fresh for the ads
Cristian Birlanescu
The whole episode was 100% worth it for that “I’ll get more of that” pun.
GamerHatch Month ago
Bdubs, how does your wife feel whe you just randomly yell “I’m stuck in a block!!!”?
Laoise crossan
Laoise crossan 2 months ago
i want to make my own you tube channel
Laoise crossan
Laoise crossan 2 months ago
i real want it bdubs i love your youtube channel along with grian and scar
Zane S
Zane S 2 months ago
I want Filmora X! But I'm not allowed to reply ya screw!!!
lara somethingorother
bdubs looks so much like my uncle it's kinda terrifying. He is the EXACT same And i have no idea how to feel about it... Well, i do know one thing... It makes me enjoy Bdouble0's content all the more!
Mr_H 3 months ago
I had a great Christmas! Got to see my uncle, who lives a while away, so i don't see em often. Besides that it is was basically average. Which is great! It was a nice break from the... MESS of a year that 2020 was. Time for 2020 part 2 i guess. Oof.
Lynce 3 months ago
Gotta shreep!
Thermos 3 months ago
I want filmography X
Jeff Martines
Jeff Martines 3 months ago
Grian made a secret base in your base, he asked us to tell other Hermints, but yours it the real one
Eumanuel 3 months ago
Bdubs someone builded a secret base in your base
Eumanuel 3 months ago
Bdubs someone builded a secret base in your base
Ērika Beča
Ērika Beča 3 months ago
Bdubs: We're losing money, everybody wins! Grian *gets torches all the time*
puildstone29 3 months ago
Bdubs haye to say it but you lost the war so impulse gets to take all the profits
Azeon 3 months ago
Imagine being and Java and still using a dropper t flipflop
Dave97456 3 months ago
Dad jokes! Sumora...that!
EonWhite 3 months ago
That’s a really cool bedroom. I’m impressed by the cityscape window. It works surprisingly well.
ElCanjura 3 months ago
11:54 dude YOU JUST SOUND LIKE Markiplier 13:00 and HERE TOO
John Lepeska
John Lepeska 3 months ago
B dubs just looks like the sweetest most kind person lmao. He reminds me of my grandpa.
Tornadey Two
Tornadey Two 3 months ago
Did no one notice the snowball fight in chat? Edit: nvm bdubs noticed
Bailey Benedict
Bailey Benedict 3 months ago
Looking good! Love your videos and I really love your personality and your sponsor segments are always a delight! Never feel like they’re shoehorned in and instead are actually quite interesting
Novalicious85 3 months ago
I want FILMORA X... P.S. You are the best my dude! You always make me laugh and inspire me! Thank you BDubbs!!!
Topazium Z
Topazium Z 3 months ago
BDubs is really handsome, dang
George 3 months ago
bdubz it wouldn’t make sense to have stars behind the city as the light pollution in cities covers them all anyway
Ayhunt 3 months ago
Will the link work on chrome or edit work on chrome?
Ryan Bickel
Ryan Bickel 3 months ago
Keralis needs to buy the other half from doc and put it on the other side of the skyscrapper
Kyle King
Kyle King 3 months ago
“I don’t like how you can see that torch I will fix that”.... forgets to fix it lol
COCO 3 months ago
was about to comment this as well lmao
Tygo Stevens
Tygo Stevens 3 months ago
I want filmora 10
Miguel Feris
Miguel Feris 3 months ago
I saw Keralis’ video and the beacon contraption kinda didn’t work :/
Werny6 3 months ago
My dog recently died and these videos are the only thing that make me happy and makes me keep on goin with my life thank u bdubs!
Calathea 3 months ago
Im so sorry for your loss 😔
Rubbzy 3 months ago
Bdubs if you don't go back and remove that torch from the garden in the floor like you said I am gonna have a panic attack
Mike Hame 287
Mike Hame 287 3 months ago
Invite Wattles to Hermitcraft Season 8
Doppelpunktdrei 3 months ago
just a semi unrelated question... does anyone know the song at the end of his videos?
Crafty 3 months ago
We’re u at bdubsss
Thiccd0inks 3 months ago
Hey bdubs have you thought about a “Survival of the fittest” series again?
Benjamin Sexton
Benjamin Sexton 3 months ago
ah... bdubs my favorite redstone teacher
Yke Kroon
Yke Kroon 3 months ago
i like folmora 10
Noeleen Pisani
Noeleen Pisani 3 months ago
please b,dubs teach etho how to build a decent non-glass roof
oz oz bakis
oz oz bakis 3 months ago
İf you have not made your castle tour can u make one?
Fos 3 months ago
OGDreamy 3 months ago
whats happened to generikB?
riaz muhammed
riaz muhammed 3 months ago
I would love to see keralis's cyberpunk bedroom with shaders
riaz muhammed
riaz muhammed 3 months ago
nobody: Literally nobody: Bdubs: GOTTA SHREEP!
Sha Blox Friends
Sha Blox Friends 3 months ago
Theres no frekin way that Bdubs the beautiful anime faced dude Loves/hearts his comments
don't check my channel
you should put a cave on the mountain and put some cottages it would be so cool
Stefan Lotz
Stefan Lotz 3 months ago
I love watching your videos.
Zadical 3 months ago
Bdubs rocking that manbun 😎😎😎😎
Maggie O'Brien
Maggie O'Brien 3 months ago
I am here just to say... In my city there is a graffitist called Bdub and on my commute every day, I see the tagging and think about the one and only Bdouble0100
Charlie Byne
Charlie Byne 3 months ago
Hey bro i think u should start a insta page
Geeboo 3 months ago
17:09 hdsiufhasufheriufhwa
FeuillyB2B 4 months ago
dammit, I missed the filmora give away
Josh Sevener
Josh Sevener 4 months ago
I want Filmora 10. I hope I'll get it, but I know it's unlikely.
Whisper Of Wind
Whisper Of Wind 4 months ago
I want filmora 10
that1pastelgoth 4 months ago
Your builds never cease to amaze me, I love the cyberpunk style so much!
Gaurav Knowledge Hub
Your voice is too professional
Yumi 4 months ago
miss seeing ur beautiful face, Bdubs!!! really hoping u do livestream for HC rather we see on your ADs(still great to see you) . you r super missed on livestream by ur fans including myself for sure. hoping you livestream for HC sometime soon in the future on Twitch or here.
Siradj Taleb
Siradj Taleb 4 months ago
I want filmora 10
Nova Kylo
Nova Kylo 4 months ago
Bdubs, thank you, you are the sleeping king. Prank someone with like 300 beds in there base, also like just for sleeping
Trevor 4 months ago
What is your microphone?
a goose
a goose 4 months ago
I’d like Filmora 10, but the pinned comment has capped off at 500 replies. Sad goose moment.
Levi Marshall
Levi Marshall 4 months ago
That seemed like the proper transaction to me.
Aiden Man
Aiden Man 4 months ago
How’s the fam?
IamSprout 4 months ago
Bduds heres an idea try putting black maps at 21:54 for a wide screen
tyler harper
tyler harper 4 months ago
mr bdubs looks weird
hols 4 months ago
Things have been hard recently, your videos really help put a smile on my face :)
Cube View
Cube View 4 months ago
Resolve is so much better than every other editing software
Congele 4 months ago
Am I the only one wondering about the wager "won" for Lamps Plus? Wasn't the wager applicable for the mini-games victory as a whole, or was it a separate wager only for Rings of Death?
Damon Boyle
Damon Boyle 4 months ago
i want filmora 10
GW NORM 4 months ago
Bdubs: Oh! Keralis's base is awesome Keralis and Tango one the side: Oh he's evil
Elmo wiko Zepeda
Elmo wiko Zepeda 4 months ago
Bdubs really creepy me out seeing how words come out of him
ALLMYD DALLIN 4 months ago
Your eyes are smaller in real life... ;)
ManchmalPfosten 4 months ago
Ive finally figured out who your voice reminds me off. Gilbert Gottfried.
Nathan Field
Nathan Field 4 months ago
BdoubleO, I have some bad news for you'a. You're going to have to build or get a time machine because we are able to go back in time.
Carter Newman
Carter Newman 4 months ago
Stuck in blocks welcome to bedrock
Darius Arasteh
Darius Arasteh 4 months ago
Every time I here his intro I expect him to say- STARRING... ALEXXXXX MOFFATT
selectthedead 4 months ago
Hey Bdubs, Could you make a tutorial, showcase or how to of your awesome and organic looking trees you make for the HC Server?
Freddie Jupiter
Freddie Jupiter 4 months ago
I love your building style
Alpha Panther
Alpha Panther 4 months ago
Filmora is actually GREAT
Alpha Panther
Alpha Panther 4 months ago
It is a true great progam
Caleb Vaughan
Caleb Vaughan 4 months ago
Even if they get the torches it’s not a terrible deal, 4 diamonds for a shulker box isn’t terrible
Perfect Protagonist
Perfect Protagonist 4 months ago
22:31 What is that? I can't recognize what that is at all!
Perfect Protagonist
Perfect Protagonist 4 months ago
19:42 In 1.16.4, I believe that the text in the chat says something like "bed is obstructed" instead of "respawn point set".
Jellipanda 288
Jellipanda 288 4 months ago
i would like filmora 10!!!
SpaceDonut 4 months ago
you have to replay to the pined comment
Whos tension
Whos tension 4 months ago
That city was the coolest most trippy thing In the whole world dude good job
Rayan Vij
Rayan Vij 4 months ago
you should give more than just end rodes and becans in the sulker box thing outside lamps plus
Anne Kü
Anne Kü 4 months ago
Why does bdubs get all the profits of lampsplus? Did impulse mess up the wager?
Lala Bear
Lala Bear 4 months ago
So during Grian’s game, bdubs made a wager with impulse about the profits of lamps plus. Whoever won that round got to keep all of the profits from the shop for a month.
k_owen_k 4 months ago
U know when he sais prowess, he is joking
Tj Petrie
Tj Petrie 4 months ago
Just go take everyone’s beacons, then they have to go buy another one
Artyrion 4 months ago
Hey bdubs for some reason I couldn't reply to the pinned comment but Im trying to start up a US-first channel and would love an amazing editing software
ahmed mansoor
ahmed mansoor 4 months ago
Happy new year everyone
Ian Lawrence
Ian Lawrence 4 months ago
Great bdubs I didn’t even know you did it until January the 1st
Rawesome 1
Rawesome 1 4 months ago
Yooo, I haven't really been around in awhile and I saw a thing on hermitcraft, and thought "I wonder how ole Bdubs is?". I check the his recent videos and see they're getting solid amounts of views. I'm really glad the channel got popular again.