Accidental Secret Base Neighbors! :: Hermitcraft #45 

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Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 45! Today on hermitcraft, we start our secret base and run into an unexpected neighbor! Later we start working on a subway!
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Twitter: bdoubleo100
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Feb 3, 2021




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Gary Sosa
Gary Sosa 2 days ago
Whats the outro music?
Christopher Price
Christopher Price 11 days ago
"Ah yes... the student has become the grasshopper..."
Nolan Yamada
Nolan Yamada 13 days ago
Garrott Roddy
Garrott Roddy 16 days ago
Bdouble: redstone is so unpredictable Bedrock players:
István Szikra
István Szikra 25 days ago
35:40 It's nice to know that someone else made the same mistake that I have :) The only difference that I immediately realized that the detector rail activates as soon as the minecart's front is above it which powers the activator rail while most of the minecart is still on it.
RTD's Channel
RTD's Channel Month ago
"This is exactly why I hate redstone! It's so unpredictable." Yeah, but have you tried playing on Bedrock... cause it's not great.
Stevel Knievel
Stevel Knievel Month ago
You need to buy a ticket, that's why u get kicked out the train bruh
Stevel Knievel
Stevel Knievel Month ago
your subway needs some drunk bums starting fights
MR. BREAD Month ago
RaduKing Month ago
Bdubs has a creeper farm, but not enough rockets :)
Rachel Frank
Rachel Frank Month ago
Bdubs activator rails kick you off of the minecart
Zadiam C
Zadiam C Month ago
Why is Dream on the thumbnail lol
Meemee Month ago
Leo Hu
Leo Hu 2 months ago
When the teacher doesn't even know the answer the to test....
Peter Davis
Peter Davis 2 months ago
"Next episode you'll see, next episode they'll *all* see!" *Maniacal laughter*
Quin 2 months ago
suggestion to fix the rail- just make the drop off point on the left side so the incoming traffic gets pushed left before they get pushed out. then the leaving carts can just cruse on a straight line and don't have to go over any extra shenanigans at all!.
parker_ smith
parker_ smith 2 months ago
I don't understand of all Keralis bae you build The entrance by his office
EmmSoiree 2 months ago
aqowo gave me fucking whiplash
NXGN Gaming
NXGN Gaming 2 months ago
I know this was 3 weeks ago but if you split the activator rail and detector rail with a rail inbetween and run a redstone line under the track you can activate the rail on the way in but on the way out the spaced rail will compensate the lag?
Donny Hoh
Donny Hoh 2 months ago
Ami the only one that noticed the mansion is re-flipped?
iEpic 2 months ago
34:50 "I tell you what" I don't know why this is so funny but golly it was just so great cause it worked in the single player but not on the server. haha
Duygu Karacanoglu
Duygu Karacanoglu 2 months ago
"No OnE wIlL NeVeR KnOw." *WE* Know.
Duygu Karacanoglu
Duygu Karacanoglu 2 months ago
"I'm a very smart man." Shows his SECRET. *S E C R E T* BASE IN VIDEO.
Pasta King
Pasta King 2 months ago
'Sometimes it's good for the student to become the g r a s s h o p p e r ' If that was a redstone joke, fair play.
MichaelL. 2 months ago
you should do clear glass in the water in the subway. its aque town afterall..
Garrett Gutierrez
Garrett Gutierrez 2 months ago
You have to have a gap between the detector and activator rail
krupauk 2 months ago
What a laugh bro !
daniel dixon
daniel dixon 2 months ago
The cart is half on the activator rail when it's powered so you need it a block apart with a pulse extender
Hussain Mushtaq
Hussain Mushtaq 2 months ago
Make sure you don’t tell keralis
Serafin Hikes
Serafin Hikes 2 months ago
Redstone with bdubs 🤣
Brendan Aparicio
Brendan Aparicio 2 months ago
Charge payment for the subway
Obie1KanObie 2 months ago
its becuz half of the minecart is on the detector rail and half on the activator
bean noodle
bean noodle 2 months ago
Just for bdubs vid I always stay till the very end to hear him saying I love you to death AND the funny replay
bean noodle
bean noodle 2 months ago
17:55 So nobody's gonna talk about the hilarious chat XD
BobCCLIV 2 months ago
Bdubs, your prowess has officially hit the point where redstone can't keep up with you. It doesn't know how to react to a circuit so perfect!
FiddleRiddle DiddleDiddle
18:42 Woah, Bdubs! There are children watching!
June Cascade
June Cascade 2 months ago
i know it’s not feasible since this is a server and this would cause major lag, but i think it’d be funny if the subway carts activated on a “schedule” of sorts so that if you wanted to travel that way you’d literally have to “catch the subway” 😂
Dave Sunhammer
Dave Sunhammer 2 months ago
The "secret base" arc is getting tiring. If the people trying to be secret could keep a secret instead of ratting themselves out it might be more interesting.
Bloing 2 months ago
It'd be interesting to see how many times bdubs has slept in his stats
Cole McCorkell
Cole McCorkell 2 months ago
ok listen up people who ever is giving away there bases are the worst vewiers ever
The Mysterious Frog
The Mysterious Frog 2 months ago
Slow Line Trainspotting
I think I can see the problem. There is a point where half of the minecart is on the detector rail, powering it, and half is on the activator rail. Add a regular rail between them!
Endersgaming345 2 months ago
TS A Eky Aprian
TS A Eky Aprian 2 months ago
Come on ndoub, I'm waiting, upload teh video come on
Cans Canus
Cans Canus 2 months ago
I don't know if you're taking suggestions for the design of the subway, but I thought it would be cool if there was a scenic route with glass and fish to give off an aquarium feeling (since it's already underwater it would be fitting) :D
DutssZ 2 months ago
you trust your subscribers too much
One Gig
One Gig 2 months ago
I would leave a water drop or two in the subway and add a pipe over them.
Quinn Ellingson
Quinn Ellingson 2 months ago
Hey Bdubs, you should use the rainbow sheep Easter egg in Minecraft.
BoyDragon 2 months ago
You need to skip a rail from the activator rail to the other special rail with Redstone probably going to need a Redstone torch and some other stuff extend the singnal underneath the tracks to get it to power the special rail
??????? 2 months ago
I love that you guys made up the fact that you are in keralis city when you really are bellow the goat
chunxii 2 months ago
6:26 The crossover we never expected
Wontonio The Ninja
Wontonio The Ninja 2 months ago
Putting that flower in the pot at 14:10 gave me flashbacks
Kein Chimbara
Kein Chimbara 2 months ago
Hey bdubs i just watched your video with you’re daughter and that was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen love the vids man keep up the good work🤘🏻❤️
Daniel Carpenter
Daniel Carpenter 2 months ago
Bdubs is hiding under the ship yard
Wind4air 2 months ago
Bdubs suggestion: make the secret base project competitive with the following rules. 1) Your secret base is finished whenever it is found by Keralis. Only 1 base per participant. 2) The compitition ends when all secret bases are found by Keralis. 3) Keralis is the only judge.
Badger 2 months ago
The only suggestion I have for the subway, is to branch the dismount line away from the travel line. This will ensure flawless function regardless of server performance. You're welcome ;-D
Badger 2 months ago
@Bdouble0100 Have you tried PixArk? I think you'd enjoy it, and it would suit your play-style perfectly :-) Even if you didn't do a full series, I think your review of it would be entertaining :-)
Michael Karlin
Michael Karlin 2 months ago
There is a SECRET BASE in your BASE
Dominik Budziak
Dominik Budziak 2 months ago
Ghostly Ghast
Ghostly Ghast 2 months ago
36:50 put the activator rail one more away from the detector rail and hook them up with redstone under the track(your might be having the problem because of the hitbox of the minecart)
Bode Meleski
Bode Meleski 2 months ago
Bdubs couldn't pass the test and neither could his students
Crazy_Adventures 2 months ago
Here's a funny idea, build a Subway (the restaurant) next to your subway (Train station) in aqua town!
Luke26boss 2 months ago
I think it’s Hermit Craft Big Barge Store because grian needs the trees to move so he’s tricking everyone into signing a petition that will get rid of the trees so he can build his bigger barge
Nathan Santos
Nathan Santos 2 months ago
just get another line that leads back to the main rail from the dispenser
601salsa 2 months ago
Link up the old mycelium resistance base as a ground central station for the subway system
David Crew
David Crew 2 months ago
hey bdubs for the giant space underneath your castle I'd recommend making somewhere like blackreach from skyrim. I think its a cool concept and i'd like to hear what you think Edit: if you mix it in with dwemer ruins as the transition betweern it and the castle that would be soo cool
Erika 2 months ago
how did scar find so many sponges :sob:
weswithaute 2 months ago
Build a Subway° next to the subway, sell sandwiches....
Casi Flores
Casi Flores 2 months ago
The one who already told it was @TerasHD
Casi Flores
Casi Flores 2 months ago
You need a one block gap between the detector rail and activator try using redstone dust on the side but someone already told it in the comments
Rachel R.
Rachel R. 2 months ago
I'm actually caught up with your hermitcraft videos now :D I'm glad I found you. Time to binge watch a new hermit's entire season lol (probably tango but idk for sure yet) AQUOWO
Sparktican 2 months ago
Idk if you'll see this but it was Tango that filled your chests with gun powder, not your farm
xXki roXx
xXki roXx 2 months ago
Everyone now knows where grain and bdubs bases are
Pixel 2 months ago
Grand redstone master Bdubs: if you place a normal rail in between the activator and detector rail and connect it up via redstone underneath the track it might work better for you. Love the vids!
Never a Boring Day!
Never a Boring Day! 2 months ago
Leave a few blocks uncovered, the subway would look way more realistic with water dripping through
Max is here
Max is here 2 months ago
I think the solution to redstone is acceptance and putting the railbutton further apart.
Bryn Mashburn
Bryn Mashburn 2 months ago
I'm sorry upside-down cat?
In yo face 956
In yo face 956 2 months ago
How dare you bdubs 👎🏾
Adam Cawdle
Adam Cawdle 2 months ago
just make the cart derail one block over!
William Perry
William Perry 2 months ago
'picks up coal' bdubs- its a squid farm me- ummm
Wasi alam
Wasi alam 2 months ago
Can I get a heart. LuL
Anchy The Cat
Anchy The Cat 2 months ago
"This is interesting, I dont understand this" BdoubleO100, 2021
Bruh H
Bruh H 2 months ago
The issue is its too fast the minecart is actually ahead of you maybe put a space between the activator and detector rail
Jeff Peng
Jeff Peng 2 months ago
You need a 1 block gap between the activator and detector rail
maxxi !
maxxi ! 2 months ago
A space with daley between detector and Activator can solve the problem
Kyle Y
Kyle Y 2 months ago
18:42 lol nice
RachaelAmber 22
RachaelAmber 22 2 months ago
Ask mumbo
sneaky gacha wolf
sneaky gacha wolf 2 months ago
Are you thecnoblade??
Mostafa Rezk
Mostafa Rezk 2 months ago
bdubs, there is a secret base underneath you stables! impulse double dipped
Elite Stryker
Elite Stryker 2 months ago
Secret Base in your base
JedMC 2 months ago
Doing school work while watching ahahaha....
Victoria T
Victoria T 2 months ago
I have the same issue with activator/ditector rails. Only soloution i found for it was having a gap between them and powering to activator from undernieth. Not sure what version you play on though. In the version i use detectors can power redston directly below their block similer to presure plates. I did have to use a coupple of torches also. I hope you find a soloution soon, i can relate to the frustration.
Jani Howell-Love
Jani Howell-Love 2 months ago
Not sure you're meant show us the "SECRET" base
yeaolon 2 months ago
Put the detector rail one block apart from the detector rail, send a red stone signal to the activator rail and that way you will not get kicked off when you go out :)
1324cmoikev 2 months ago
Put the detector rail 1 block away from the activator rail, then make sure the activator rail can send a signal to the detector rail from under. I think a redstone torch or redstone block might be able to send the signal through if the redstone dust doesn't work.
gittyupalice96 2 months ago
Scar: I AM SUPER ASSASAIN SCAR, with my ninja skills pair with invisibility and SUPER high-end advanced weaponry I shall dismantle my enemies! : D B-dubs: Screams like spongebob, UWLU LU LU LU LU LU LU LU LU LU swinging axe violently in random directions Scar: x.x ded
Dusk Moss
Dusk Moss 2 months ago
Put a rug in it
Chris Lock
Chris Lock 2 months ago
You should sell the string in the wool shop as "extra loose threads"!
Boston Palmer
Boston Palmer 2 months ago
I think that you should leave the water in the subway because of how subways normally have drippage
Stephen K
Stephen K 2 months ago
I love subway tunnels, and that is such an atmospheric design!