A "Perfect" Upgrade :: Hermitcraft #48 

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Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 48! Today on hermitcraft, we prepare for some big realty sales by building a new realty shop! Later we visit some friends, give some hair cuts, and steal a forklift!
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Feb 23, 2021




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Noah Tasker
Noah Tasker 7 days ago
That should definitely count as making Kiralis laugh.
Κωνσταντινος Κονανδρεας
"boys and girls and everything in between"-Bdubs 2021
Jeebaleeble Month ago
Your enthusiasm for this build is electric and I love it. Very nice build.
Kurtis Manning
Kurtis Manning Month ago
i love your videos so glad i found your channel again
David Criddle
David Criddle Month ago
When bdubs said everybody inbetween 🥺🥲
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes Month ago
For the stairs you should have two stairs in the middle that curve around the outside
Ben Gainsford
Ben Gainsford Month ago
Love grians tone when he said oh it’s so it peer pressures 😂
Samuel Nelson
Samuel Nelson Month ago
Bdubs is in the right business selling buildings because he’s by far the best builder in Minecraft
MrMax2898 Month ago
Sell Hermit Craft trading cards in the game, make most of the cards cheep
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Month ago
Once all the land is sold bdubs can sell his realty office
Agatha Hearth
Agatha Hearth 2 months ago
that building of yours is so beautiful Bduhs
ALEX KITTY 2 months ago
Beautiful haircut!
Jennifer Andersen
Jennifer Andersen 2 months ago
I know it would be a huge time suck, but I'd love to see a tutorial on the new realty building! It's amazing. Even the sides where you say they aren't very detailed, I think they are great. I love the change in wood on each floor and the subtle color changes. Great job!
Miurshed Mamun
Miurshed Mamun 2 months ago
Sarah QB
Sarah QB 2 months ago
12:16 Cna we just notice the amazing change in Bdubs voice over here? Kinda makes you think he's always talking with an accent...
hologeist 2 months ago
thank you for including us enbies, warmed my heart
Shiloh Vanderkooi
Shiloh Vanderkooi 2 months ago
This may be a small detail for some but after you see you scar and jellie you say "boys and girls and everyone in between". I love your videoes (and in general hermitcraft) and as a nonbinary person hearing you say and "everyone in between" really made me happy. One thing about watching any media as a nonbinary person is I cannot expect myself to be included or represented 99.999999999% of the time so I appreciate that tiny statement A LOT!
Sabbiosaurus 101
Sabbiosaurus 101 2 months ago
23:58 I swear, he sounded like scar for a sec there!
The Suns Illusion
The Suns Illusion 2 months ago
"boys and girls and everyone in between" so you became my fave just like that huh (as tho you weren't already my fave)
Evan Schubert
Evan Schubert 2 months ago
Bdubs this is a crime you cut most of Keralis laughing at your hair. Love the episode of course
Charlotte Bentley
Charlotte Bentley 2 months ago
"But boys, and girls, and everybody inbetween" Love you Bdubs
Zyborg Gaming
Zyborg Gaming 2 months ago
Hey bdubs, keralis is making a secret base in ur base :-) As revenge
Coolbos Playz
Coolbos Playz 2 months ago
#cursedcomment -what if snips is just a place where he “snips”his customers head to shown his potential
2000er 2 months ago
Man I really miss his personal base/castle 😖
Meownaa 2 months ago
It's braids! From the thumbnail and other videos I genuinely thought it was a "buzzcut gone wrong" kind of hairstyle. You know, what happens if children or your drunk friend try out haircutters? And end up with a funny shaved stripe over their head?
April Blues
April Blues 2 months ago
Bdubs: American Also Bdubs: 12:17
Olivia Bodily
Olivia Bodily 2 months ago
Bdubs saying “piece of resistance” instead of pièce de résistance is WAY FUNNIER THAT IT DESERVES TO BE (26:58)
Olivia Bodily
Olivia Bodily 2 months ago
24:45 “but boys and girls and everybody in between” *SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!*
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever 2 months ago
Bdubs: I need my building higher than Scar's Me: *flashbacks to s6 build-off
Alex Thunderbrand
Alex Thunderbrand 2 months ago
'Boys and girls and everybody in between' You have no idea how happy this made me!
WackoMcGoose 2 months ago
9:05 Freeze-frame shot of the inside of an xB-skull.
Chazdell Walker
Chazdell Walker 2 months ago
The building looks like a fancy library to me.
Blazi 2 months ago
Gadget Candy
Gadget Candy 2 months ago
that bulding is amazing!
John Noir Smith
John Noir Smith 2 months ago
Bdubs' daughters watching 23:58 to 24:02 in a few years time: 🥺😔😭
Sporkle BlueMoon
Sporkle BlueMoon 2 months ago
bdubs acknowledging zoomer culture is
Jahstus 2 months ago
The realty building is the most beautiful building I have ever seen in Minecraft. Without a doubt.
almostaugust 2 months ago
“boys and girls and everybody inbetween” not where I expected gender validation but hey I’m very much here for it!!
Pauline Graefenhan
Pauline Graefenhan 2 months ago
The "and everybody inbetween" just made my day. UwU
Levi Carpenter-Student
you know I wonder how many times the hermits killed each other just to get heads
Sockmonster66 2 months ago
No, I think it's screamin' realty.
Nostrathomas 2 months ago
"You like it here...?" xD
Scoopy Pigeon
Scoopy Pigeon 2 months ago
Amazing build, Bdubs.
Traveler 2 months ago
22:55 was that really necessary? Dude...
Charlotte Parker
Charlotte Parker 2 months ago
The abusive yacht phytochemically trap because minister basally wrap beyond a mammoth slope. amazing, rapid sign
lilsavageangel 2 months ago
Looks abit like a fancy hotel, but it's a awsome build lol
Abby Lydon
Abby Lydon 2 months ago
"the back of my head is a pristine waffle and I won't hear a word against it" grian 2021
BrokenEye 2 months ago
The new realty office looks very Parisian.
Karolina M
Karolina M 2 months ago
ItsKonGaming 2 months ago
OooooO WEE!! So goooood Mr Bdubs
Mike Motyka
Mike Motyka 2 months ago
This is one of my the best buildings I have ever seen
Damboo60 2 months ago
Wimpoman 2 months ago
"Scar's at two stories, we gotta do three stories, right? We gotta be bigger." Here we go again. Next thing you know there'll be giant plant monsters firing laser beams... and a dabbing Penguin.
BBG-Designs 2 months ago
getting season 6 build off vibes here
Dine 2 months ago
Thank you for always being so king and inclusive Bdubs
Rebellion Feildellious
Emily Elisabeth
Emily Elisabeth 2 months ago
the haircut bit, hearing all the hermits just cracking up was so uplifting hahaha
Jasmine Dancer
Jasmine Dancer 2 months ago
"we gotta be bigger at all times" Oh boy I'm sure that won't get out of hand XD *season 6 flashbacks*
BZ Boomer
BZ Boomer 2 months ago
1.69 million subs
Argent Sargent
Argent Sargent 2 months ago
BDubs, as a member of the British, I would like to invite you to do an entire episode in our accent, as you appear to have a talent for it.
Paul Salas
Paul Salas 2 months ago
So I notice BdoubleO100 tends to cut his video when it comes to Collabs with other hermits. Honestly I think his personality shine a lot when he does videos with them. I was looking forward to seeing his pov with Keralis. Is that just me?
Witty 2 months ago
Akkiki town is honestly some of you best work, it looks amazing!
Adam Halabi
Adam Halabi 2 months ago
1.69M !!!
Sally Dasler
Sally Dasler 2 months ago
Boys and girls and everyone in between 👍👍❤❤
Anonymous 2 months ago
8:03 what a marketing strategy
Anonymous 2 months ago
Scar and Bdubs just having a build battle
Skye X Queen
Skye X Queen 2 months ago
Are you gonna start building on your single player world? The one that you worked so hard on?
Daniel F
Daniel F Month ago
It would probably be too much work to do the single player world and hermitcraft at the same time, as its a lot of time commitment Im not entirely sure how it works but is there a gap between hermitcraft seasons? Because if there is then maybe he could do a few videos in between seasons, im not sure though I do love the single player world though, it’d be great for him to work on more
Faithy Puppy
Faithy Puppy 2 months ago
I was laughing hysterically at 1 am after the haircut session😂
Vilecypher Oblivion
Vilecypher Oblivion 2 months ago
I think it looks a bit more baroque-like architecture
Wolverine 2 months ago
"boys, girls, and everybody in between" thanks for the nonbinary shoutout bdubs!
supergluehotty 2 months ago
I'd give you 20 diamond blocks for Lambo heights if I could.
XxLord BelxX
XxLord BelxX 2 months ago
That is one heck of a beautiful building guy... I don't always care for the random block weathered or whatnot looks you do; but by far this is my favorite build of yours this season...
Seth BRahney
Seth BRahney 2 months ago
Aaaaahhh this reminds me of the attack of the b team realty days
marcuschild childs
marcuschild childs 2 months ago
Keralis face is just way to perfect for moments like these
SironNFuries 2 months ago
The new reality place looks amazing!! But Bdubs, I think Scar's first two builds look better. :P :D
Sockmonster66 2 months ago
Man, Keralis was jipped. Impulse actually got a couple of good options (I guess those stair steps were pretty nice though).
CruddyBeast 779
CruddyBeast 779 2 months ago
You should put a fountain ⛲ next to it and a park in town
22Tho 2 months ago
I have the idea that bdubs is a logic fan. 27:27
Patronus 2 months ago
Love the neo-Gothic style on the new realty building! Getting big old-timey New York City vibes!
WTZWBlaze 2 months ago
30:48 Keralis laughing! That’s points! Or is it? Do you need to make Cleo laugh?
oliver sunshine
oliver sunshine 2 months ago
I felt particularly called out when you talked about zoomers with pink hair as a zoomer with pink hair 😭
MStarTUTORIALS 2 months ago
Loved how this video is made 👏 😎. I've been working on kinda similar content and maybe you should check me out. I'm sure you'll find see a lot of useful info on this topic on my channel too.
Emma Rounsville
Emma Rounsville 2 months ago
Aqua Town is looking AMAZING
Joshua Verrier
Joshua Verrier 2 months ago
Isn't the land you two are building your real estate businesses on actually belong to Grian?
flufftapes 2 months ago
B dubs you never cease to amaze
Kyle Youngs
Kyle Youngs 2 months ago
Fun Fact: If impulse had the headband it would say N in morse code!
Matt UwU
Matt UwU 2 months ago
Bdubs has some fresh trams
Simsations Gold
Simsations Gold 2 months ago
I just saw the bids for the builds. If someone bid twice. They should get the one they got highest. Then the person under them on the second bid should go to that second person. Then it fair for everyone. So then a bidder doesn't end up hogging the whole land. So each hermit gets a fair share of building opportunities.
Noeleen Miller
Noeleen Miller 2 months ago
where are all the mobs, didn't see one in the whole episode?
Per Jogbäck
Per Jogbäck 2 months ago
Too bad the Keralis games ended so early, you wouldve got many points for his wonderful laugh. Love it!
Trey McGonnell
Trey McGonnell 2 months ago
Please Make A Video Of How To Build This Building It Looks Amazing Or A World Download
Trey McGonnell
Trey McGonnell 2 months ago
Download Of You Creative World Of Corse Not HC
Nefasto 2 months ago
Bro i would charge like 1 diamond block per 3 days or something like that instead of charging 10 diamond blocks and then thats it.
Iqui 2 months ago
Love this episode
Christian M Spencer
Christian M Spencer 2 months ago
I know you probably won’t see this Bdubs but you could make an armor stand switcher for the hair styles at snips
Bittah Genius
Bittah Genius 2 months ago
Hey I know this is a super unrelated question but what remix of the Rocky theme song gonna fly now did you used listen to? I remember you had it in a video years ago I think when you were making your csgo map and after switching phones a couple times I lost it and can't for the life of me find the right one
Nathaniel Caines
Nathaniel Caines 2 months ago
HAHAHAHAHA The part where they were figuring out points and Bdubs just sees the cat in the corner of his eye and instantly ran up and killed it made me howl
gibygiby 2 months ago
Bdubs really outdid himself with this build
Erwin Tolus
Erwin Tolus 2 months ago
"I've never been more happy in my entire life." The wife ain't going to like that. XD
Weebi 2 months ago
Bdubs your ability to create realistic and detailed buildings never ceases to amaze me