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Playing Minecraft with myself, some friends and my awesome kids!
Chill Building Stream
22 days ago
iomoon 20 hours ago
This is like disneyland: giant an majestic, hollow on the inside
Allan Herring
Allan Herring 22 hours ago
Man seeing this in my feed was wiiiiiild. Bdubs was my childhood and always has been one of my favorite creators. Glad to see you still going man.
SkippyCat 22 hours ago
Hey bdubs, if you ever have to do this again, try creating a system that can move them and then try it with your own ender pearl so you know if it works, maybe that would make it easier?
Ozker _
Ozker _ 23 hours ago
"Would everyone calm down it's just a creeper"- - Scar would go on to be killed by a creeper that same day
Mr. Potato Pig
Mr. Potato Pig 23 hours ago
bdubs please post another 3rd life it's so good. like if you agree so he sees this comment
JustMax 23 hours ago
Bdubs if I could bottle your optimism I'd take some so I'd have a will to live and you wouldn't even feel a diffrence
jared parker
jared parker 23 hours ago
Thanks man, you really helped alot of people.
SIMONE BACALA 23 hours ago
Your videos are so funny 😂 and Chase and Skye love each other and Marshall and Everest love each other
John Rhobie
John Rhobie Day ago
that scream
Bruhhify Day ago
When the africa is sos 🤨
Does he realize that if you open both doors the carts won't move?
István Szikra
Maybe demand is low because the plots are next to filthy pig farms ;)
sparx0s Day ago
Fun fact: 15x more people die every year from coconuts than from sharks
sparx0s Day ago
1:00:55 yas
James Visser
James Visser Day ago
you rool
Sabin Day ago
Hey Bdubs I love you!
Elizabeth Duhamel
"Whats this hole?..... oh nothin." -BDubs
David Bellmore
Bdubs making Hollywood level trailers for Third Life, and I LOVE IT!
James Visser
James Visser Day ago
I love your videos
Requiem Day ago
Such a great thumbnail
Prasad Kulkarni
you should add some golems to protect villagers
Apollo8756 Day ago
"Guys I found lapis lazushouli as well!" -Bdubs 2021 *6:48*
Gatsby Day ago
why'd they end series? Seemed like they were still vibing, and there's lots of game left to explore
Heidi Kindon
Heidi Kindon Day ago
This is so fun
Michael Niles
With all that land it look slike Grian's going to be a bit of competition in the real estate buiseness
Pusheen C
Pusheen C Day ago
I’m glad season 7 began, because I can finally tell the difference between bdub and scar
ioan jones
ioan jones Day ago
Mines taller and a lot thicker, ahem
Mekilla17 Day ago
3rd life is soo cool. I wanna server like this.
Rafael Roi Recon
cleo needs to hide pizza from scar or else
suprakirby Day ago
I think the reason why no one put a bid on scar's land is because none of them had any station to place bids on.
J Day ago
hermits helping hermits?
Brian Rowland
wow dat castle
Brian Rowland
do you ever take a moment to...just ..get organized....well no, not really
Rasputin Day ago
One of the most entertaining streams I've ever watched. One of the best causes I've seen and most money raised. Y'all are incredible. Definitely worth the 4 hour watch.
Leah Nigus
Leah Nigus Day ago
hey bdubs u might already know this but the other people were pretty quiet great video tho this series is hilarious 😄
Alan White
Alan White Day ago
so it looks like grians going to be busy building all them pliots !! hope theres enough time left in season 7 so he builds it all
Super_cuber Day ago
Bdubs: Season 6 -plant tree Season 7 -make tree
Aidan Lanz
Aidan Lanz Day ago
3:41:31 Grian dies yelling "I HATE YOU!" 3:50:16 Scar dies to a panda 4:01:15 They reach the 100K mark!
b3nsh3p Day ago
Hey love watching your vids. Just as a suggestion don't know if you'll see this but add a tower in one of the back corners. With the colors your working with there just needs to be a tower and it a place for magic. Again just a suggestion. Thank you for the great content.
Justin Moeckli
Hey bdubs I love your content and I think that I have an idea, you know the end crystal, you can push it to match the which hut
person in sewer whaaaaaaat?
Jonah Popp
Jonah Popp Day ago
Cleo and Bdubs make an entertaining duo
Melissa G
Melissa G Day ago
<3 I've been watching for years, be it on this account or my older one. Our family watches your channel so my husband and I honestly didn't think you'd continue after your family lost Ivy. However, you came back and we are so grateful you did. You're one of our favorite Hermits and US-firstrs in general. So much love to you and your family. Thank you for making content. <3
Kuznia_ Day ago
I know the chances of you reading this are pretty slim but ever wanna do another cities skylines run again?? Hope you and the fam are doing well!! B Team for life! miss you and genny!
Oktobot Robopants
I love love love all of the building advice and inspiration I get from the hermits. Bdubs, you are an artist. I love everything you do 💕
Jordan Hanna
Jordan Hanna Day ago
Waiting on episode three!!! Can’t wait!!
Jackson Cutler
I noticed how nobody acknowledged that iskall85 donated
Jan Vafa
Jan Vafa Day ago
But Bdub the diamonds in the red zone get added to your pile!!!
Kalluk Manik
Kalluk Manik Day ago
BdoubleO sorry but i had to, i saw the tittle and it said grow then i thought 'im happy something grow unlike you' sooooorrrrryyyy
Ryan VWilly
Ryan VWilly Day ago
There should be an option where people can pay a premium, on top of the price for the land, in diamond blocks (5-15) where you’d build the building
_mwk Day ago
That's one small castle.
diggoran Day ago
I feel like the brew house is so tall that it makes the mountain and castle look smaller :/ I hate to say it because it looks so cool by itself I think a better fit would have been a tiny hunter/trapper shack with some clutter out front. Maybe an axe in a log and firewood scattered around. Furs laying about too if you can figure out a way to do it.
Geekygrl 10
Geekygrl 10 Day ago
Hahaha what a joke
becky Day ago
hey! 2b2t player here to tell you that end crystals will not explode after you push them with pistons, so you can get it farther away from the bridge and make it safe to keep there :)
Cadaver Day ago
I’ve never seen how Minecraft skins are made
Matthew Coghlan
Matthew Coghlan 2 days ago
Doing a stream to help people in Africa? Give this man an Africa Saver Badge
Gary Sosa
Gary Sosa 2 days ago
Whats the outro music?
Conor Raypholtz
Conor Raypholtz 2 days ago
should have shoved all his diamonds into a chest with a huge bid, technically would have received them from land sales
DeathMagic †
DeathMagic † 2 days ago
20:17 I think stripped sprouce log pillars would look nice there with noteblocks at water level and possibly signs or trapdoors around the top. Actually the whole bottom side of the bridge could be wood. I dunno I'm no builder.
Chloe Yurko
Chloe Yurko 2 days ago
I really really wanna know what music playlist he had going during this, it sounds so perfect for building 🥺
hi there humans
hi there humans 2 days ago
fun fact: grian could buy aque town and still be the richest
Wdomino Games & Media
Lol "Grian hair grwoth fund" did $21.87 which is another subtle Star Wars reference.
Andrew Liang
Andrew Liang 2 days ago
your villagers left cuz there weren't enough beds i think
Full Metal Jacket Gaming
You did not show how u made the furnace you get a big thumbs down and u need a shrink this is the last video i will ever watch from u!!!!
Sem Lijzenga
Sem Lijzenga 2 days ago
You better get your wooden shoffels. Scar hasa aou that you clear the prank you did
Sem Lijzenga
Sem Lijzenga 2 days ago
Latest news, b-dubs loses a bed race. How emberasing... lol
Otto VonBearsmark
He could’ve landed on the bed 😭
angel vermillion
angel vermillion 2 days ago
I wasn't able to watch the stream because of assignments but thank you so much bdubs for posting this😍 I hope I could watch the other streams too 🥺
Tim Baleno
Tim Baleno 2 days ago
For the record, that HTML code is some of the cleanest HTML I've seen. It might not make sense, but it's not a mess at least.
meld 2 days ago
1:46:56 poultry man donates
Lukas Nogueira
Lukas Nogueira 2 days ago
1:09:50, 1:20:55, 2:02:40, 2:29:39, 2:44:20, 3:22:20, 3:46:20
Naoise James
Naoise James 2 days ago
Bdubs... I hope you don't boil your water in the microwave for real 🙊 Fun fact: if you water plants with microwave water they die
Leandra Scheepers
thanks for helping us here in South-Africa_ Riko2020
Gem's Dirty Kitchen
27:20 Who paints a house black? Must have been Mick Jagger's or Keith Richards' house :-D
Sassy 2 days ago
I love love love love your builds; this new reminds me of a outpost a little. It might be the shape? Keep up the GREAT work.
franzi _lg_14
franzi _lg_14 2 days ago
Bdubs :i always pay enough Also bdubs :just pay half the price for acacia logs
Sandy Mergui
Sandy Mergui 2 days ago
You saying koek sister made my day! Sounds like you like sweet stuff! Come to South Africa and I’ll give you all the treats.
KuNaL Gaikwad
KuNaL Gaikwad 2 days ago
the moon came out in day!!!!! (AKA bald grian)
StarNanny 2 days ago
You done good, dad! They didn’t question the authenticity.....totally accepted the story you wove......excellent job! More importantly, fun!
Texturcraft 2 days ago
maybe u can create something like a plate in the water to magical support the end crystal :D